Children regularly participate and enjoy a range of musical activities, which include singing, composing and performing. Children develop and extend their musical knowledge, skills and understanding, and also learn to read music. They will explore how music is created, produced and communicated; which will include pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure. Music is a valuable asset to our school and children have an opportunity to develop their own skills and interests through a wide range of peripatetic music lessons. The children are also given the opportunity to perform at the Wensleydale Tournament of Song and in 2019 won the president’s plate. Music plays a big part of our church services.

Here are the links to the Music long term planning for each Key Stage, over the course of the year. Although there is not a specific long term Music plan for our Early Years children, Music is very much interwoven into every week and they do enjoy a more focused Music session weekly. You can click onto the Spidergram for your child’s class, to see what specific Music topics and skills they will be taught each term.


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Music KS1 Long Term Planning
Music LKS2 Long Term Planning
Music UKS2 Long Term Planning

For more information about music, please contact our subject leader, Mrs Leanne Middleton (based at Bainbridge):