To build a musical curriculum which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and improved wellbeing.

To promote a love of music and singing across a broadened curriculum.

Education Endowment Fund indicates that the impact of arts participation is positive and improved outcomes have been identified in the core subjects – English, Mathematics, and Science. Research suggests that the arts participation has a greater effect on average for younger learners and, in some cases for disadvantaged pupils and benefits have been found in both primary and secondary schools. Wider benefits include more positive attitudes to learning and increased well-being.


Clear and comprehensive unit planning in line with the National Curriculum.
Teaching and learning should show progression across all Key Stages within the strands of music.

Scope for children’s participation and wider opportunities for performing to greater audiences will be increased and therefore musical benefits greatened.

Musical opportunities will be displayed in school and on school website to showcase and promote love of music. All children get experience of performing to a wider audience e.g. performing in The Wensleydale Tournament.


Children will achieve age related expectations in music at the end of their cohort year.
Children will retain knowledge that is pertinent to music.

Children will participate in wider musical activities.
Opportunities for improved well-being and confidence will be increased.
Children will gain wider audience performance experience.
Children will have heightened awareness of musical opportunities available in and outside of school in the hope that access will be increased.

For more information about music, please contact our subject leader, Miss Charlotte Harper:


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Music Year 1 Long Term Planning
Music Year 2 Long Term Planning
Music LKS2 Long Term Planning
Music UKS2 Long Term Planning