Welcome to our new homework provision….

Click here to open our presentation (PowerPoint) about our new approach to homework at The BAWB Federation (February 2023). All documents referenced are linked below.

If you do not have PowerPoint, click here to view as a PDF.

Our Pledge: this is what we will do to help you

  1. We will not set compulsory, marked homework.
  2. We will focus on celebrating reading through our ‘Rewarding Reading’ scheme. Click here to download a copy of the list, but we will also provide a hard copy for use in school. Please continue to use Boom Reader to record books read – this list is for your reference only.
  3. We will signpost you towards high quality materials to help you support your children in optional homework activities (below).
  4. We will provide an ‘activity passport’ containing a list of suggested activities which are inclusive and provide opportunities to enhance our children’s experience of diversity. Activities are a mixture of things which can be achieved at home and school. Click here to download a copy (but we will provide a hard copy for every child).
  5. We will invite children to extend their learning beyond the classroom via a ‘teacher’s challenge’ each half term. Details of each challenge will be shared with parents from their child’s class teacher. There will be no deadline – contributions can be brought to school throughout the half-term. Learning / enrichment will then be shared with the rest of the class.

Parent help: what you can do to help your child

All the resources below are designed to help you support your child with independent learning. If you would like any additional guidance, please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Times Tables

Maths Chase is a great resource for challenging yourself with timetables with the option of going against the clock.

For a simple start, to practice times tables, follow the following steps:

1. Choose your timetables range using the parameter-setter in the bottom left:

2. Choose your ‘chaser speed’ level if you want to go against the clock (you may need to experiment to see which is the best level for your child):

3. Press ‘start game’ in the top right:


Unsure what calculation methods we use in maths? Click on the icons below to access the calculation policies for guidance:

Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division


Spelling Lists

Below are the Y3/4 and Y5/6 spelling lists which all children are expected to have learned during those year groups.