Computing is a key subject in our modern world. It has deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology and provides pupils with meaningful real-life situations in which to apply problem-solving skills. Teaching computing at primary school also gives us an opportunity to equip our children with the skills they need to negotiate the internet and social media safely and responsibly.

Our computing curriculum covers a range of eight important themes: coding, spreadsheets, the internet, design, music, databases, presentations and networks. These are initially taught using Purple Mash software, although children also have lots of opportunities to try out other software – such as Scratch and Code Studio. As well as providing experience of a range of different software, children are also given opportunities to use a variety of hardware, including Ipads, PC’s and chromebooks.


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Computing KS1 Long Term Planning
Computing UKS2 Long Term Planning
Computing LKS2 Long Term Planning