Keeping Safe Online

Understanding online safety is difficult for all ages. Please access the resources on this page to improve your own understanding of the risks, read some enlightening statistics, and find advice about the kinds of conversations you could be having with your children to keep them safe online.

Please don’t fall into the trap of making any of these assumptions:

  • I have parental controls set up. My child is safe.
  • My child wouldn’t access inappropriate things.
  • My child is very young; they can’t get very far online.
  • My child knows not to engage with strangers online.
  • I supervise my child’s online access and know exactly what they are accessing.
  • My child does not have a social media presence / profile.

CLICK OR SCROLL THROUGH the following presentation to read some information about online safety:

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Click one of the links below to access excellent resources for families from The NSPCC and Childnet:

Click on one of the following links to watch guidance about how to support specific age-groups of children (0-5s, 6-10s, pre-teens):

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board also has some helpful information and signposts to other support:


Click on the image to see the policy:

Acceptable Use Policy (staff and governors)
Acceptable Use Policy (pupils)