Recycle and Reuse

Our wonderful PTFA is responsible for our preloved uniform sales. If your children have outgrown items please consider donating them so they can be reused and recycled for other families. Any donations towards the uniforms are gratefully received but there is absolutely no obligation.

Please make use of the growing collection we have, and contact the office if you have any questions or want a rummage! We are conscious that buying uniform can be expensive, and with this initiative we can help both our parents, and the planet.


At The BAWB Federation we believe that a school uniform fosters a sense of identity, belonging and pride; celebrating the unique nature of our federation. Our uniform sets a high standard of appearance for all, whilst clothing pupils in practical, affordable school wear.


  • To set a high standard of presentation
  • To demonstrate shared expectations and standards
  • To promote a sense of pride and belonging
  • To have a positive impact on behaviour and attitudes in school
  • To reduce pressures from fashion choices

Implementation of the Policy

We believe that a school uniform ensures that: 

  • everybody is dressed in practical clothing and looks smart 
  • children feel equal to others in terms of appearance       
  • clothing is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes and hairstyles can be) and it is suitable for school 
  • parents get good value for money 
  • clothing is designed with health and safety in mind  
  • children are identified with our federation when taking part in out of school educational activities and visits

School Uniform in Practice

At The BAWB Federation we try to encourage our children to take responsibility for their own appearance, to look clean, smart and tidy at all times. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their child is properly attired for school. Members of the school staff have responsibility for promoting the school’s uniform policy by reminding children about the rules relating to appropriate dress. 

If a problem arises, the headteacher or base-leader will contact parents in the first instance and we anticipate that all parents will fully support the uniform policy. 

Our Uniform

All-year-round compulsory uniform:

Items of uniform can be purchased from any retailer. Our PTFA also has a second hand uniform shop (details available from school).

Items with optional logo are available from SchoolShop.

Trousers / shorts / skirts / pinafore dressesBlack or dark-grey
SweatshirtDark grey (logo optional)
Polo shirtRoyal blue (logo optional)
SocksBlack, grey, or white
TightsBlack, grey or royal blue
School ShoesBlack, smart, traditional. No heels or casual boots (e.g. ‘Ugg Boots’), although children may wear smart, black boots in winter months. Open-toed sandals are not permitted (H&S)
Book bagRoyal blue (logo optional)

Optional fair-weather uniform:

Gingham dressRoyal blue, green, yellow, or red

Compulsory PE Uniform

Shorts / Tracksuit BottomsBlack
T-shirt (not polo shirt)Royal blue (logo optional)
Trainers (not pumps) 
SocksBlack or white
HoodieRoyal blue (logo optional)
Drawstring bag for PE kitRoyal blue preferable but not compulsory (logo optional)

All clothing, including coats and shoes should be labelled with the child’s name.


At The BAWB Federation children may wear one pair of small, plain stud earrings and a wristwatch. No other jewellery should be worn to school.

For health and safety reasons, children are not permitted to wear any earrings or wristwatches during PE or swimming. We request that children planning to have their ears pierced, do so at the beginning of the 6 week summer break to allow time to heal. If children come to school wearing earrings on PE or swimming days they will need to be able to remove them themselves prior to taking part.

Teachers cannot take responsibility for looking after any jewellery which has been removed.

Exceptions may be made at the headteacher’s discretion (e.g. charity wrist bands).

General Appearance

  • Children should not wear nail varnish, make-up, or any tattoos, including the temporary ‘transfer’ variety.
  • Long hair should be tied back. This is particularly important in order to prevent the spread of head lice and for health and safety reasons.
  • Hair accessories such as slides, hair bands, ribbons, and bobbles should be simple and manageable.
  • Parents are asked to ensure that children’s hair styles are tidy and appropriate for school. Extreme hairstyles, including brightly dyed hair, shaved heads, and excessively gelled styles are not appropriate.
  • Children should not bring mobile phones to school. If a pupil has need to bring a mobile phone (e.g. for use after school), they should hand it in to the office in the morning where it will be kept safely.  


Although staff are not required to wear a uniform, they are expected to dress in an appropriately smart manner for school. Jeans, trainers and leisure-wear will not be worn to school.

We will ensure that our clothing is sensible and modest. 

Staff will also ensure that staff change into appropriate clothing for PE lessons.


  • Children should not bring mobile phones to school. If a pupil has need to bring a mobile phone (e.g. for use after school), they should hand it in to the office in the morning where it will be kept safely.  

Any questions or concerns regarding this policy should be made to the Headteacher.    


Click on the icon to open a downloadable version of uniform policy.

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