Weekly Newsflash! 8th March 2024

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Coming up next week…

Monday– School Lunch Choices/After School Clubs form deadline
– After School Sports @ Askrigg

– Parent Teacher Consultations:
Tuesday– Y3 & Y4 Swimming
Please can children come into school with their swimming gear underneath their uniform, along with a towel, water bottle and goggles if they wish. Children are also welcome to bring a piece of fruit with them 🙂
– Cross Country Final @ Giggleswick

– Parent Teacher Consultations:
Robins/Owls/Swallows/Kingfishers/Golden Eagles/Herons/Merlins
Wednesday – After School Singing Club @ Askrigg

– Parent Teacher Consultations: Robins/Merlins
Thursday– North Yorkshire Music Service instrumental demonstration
– Parent Teacher Consultations: Golden Eagles
– Celebration Assembly
– Science Club @ Askrigg


World Book Day!

We had a fantastic day celebrating books at BAWB! We were so impressed with the outfits worn! From Tiddler the Fish to the Grand High Witch – we had some brilliant costumes, thank you for the effort made.

West Burton
Askrigg (Golden Eagles)
Mrs Martin’s photo of the day!

Parent Teacher Consultations

PTC’s are next week! If you would like a reminder of your appointment, please email Mrs Martin: [email protected]

Lunch Choices Form

Please find the menu below and the lunch choices form HERE.


Please fill in the form by 11th March 2024. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

After School Clubs

To sign up to the clubs, please click on the link to find the form, and more information.

Sports Club – Monday – Askrigg – 3:30 – 4:30pm

Forest Skills – Tuesday – Askrigg – 3:30 – 4:30pm

Singing Club – Wednesday – Askrigg  – 3:30 – 4:10pm

Cycle Club – Thursday – Bainbridge – 3:30 – 4:30pm

Science Club – Friday – Askrigg – 3:30 – 4:30pm

Red Nose Day! Friday 15th March

After a very important school council meeting on Monday, it has been decided by our councillors that in exchange for a £1 donation we will be:

wearing our clothes inside out, having crazy hair, odd shoes, dressing in one colour

Please remember this is all in fun, and for charity! Children do not have to do any of the above if they would prefer not to – similarly, they can do any combination of the above.

Parent Survey

Dear Families,

I am really keen to hear your views about your child’s experience at our schools. We have created a parent survey which is based on the questions Ofsted ask when they inspect a school.  I would encourage as many of you as possible to take part in this survey so I can identify any concerns or issues and try and address them. Most of the questions are multiple choice but there is also a free text question at the end where you are encourage to add any other thoughts or questions you might have. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me with this.

Please find the survey HERE.


Caretaker at Bainbridge

We are really sad to be saying farewell to Irena at the end of April. Irena has looked after Bainbridge school to an incredibly high standard for a number of years. We will miss her kindness, attention to detail and forgiveness when the glitter comes out at Christmas!

Irena, we wish you all the best on this new chapter and look forward to keeping in touch.

NYC are now recruiting to fill Irena’s shoes, for more information please see our vacancies page here.

Cleaner/Caretaker at Askrigg

We will be sadly saying good bye to Nigel at the end of the term. Nigel has been our cleaner and caretaker at Askrigg for a number of years and also used to do caretaking at Bainbridge as well. Thank you Nigel for all of the support you have given us over the years, it is greatly appreciated. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this next chapter with more time on the golf course, it is very well deserved.

NYC are now recruiting to fill Irena’s shoes, for more information please see our vacancies page here.

Crafting Mindfulness


Upper Dales Community Partnership – British Science Week!

Kids Club – Local NHS Dental Services


Please note that the practice has informed us that if families cannot attend the date advertised, they will be able to offer them alternatives.


As we are approaching the end of our Spring Term, please login to your ParentPay to check for any outstanding balances. You can set up text and email reminders to help keep track of balances across your account. As always, if you have any issues with ParentPay, please contact the office and we will happily help! 🙂


The Robins have been acting out Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem.

We have made sure we enjoyed lots of stories in Robins this week – especially on World Book Day. It was lovely to see favourite stories that children had brought into school to share with their friends too. 
In Maths we have been exploring time. We have had fun using the egg timers to measure how many star jumps we can build, or how tall a tower we can build etc. In 1 minute. We have been learning songs to help us remember the days of the week and we have been using different ‘time’ related words to retell the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.
Colour mixing has been another theme of the week too. The children have been exploring how many different colours they can make using only red, white, yellow and white powder paint.
Forest Schools was very exciting with Mr Stokes last week. Even though it was very wet the children learnt important fire safety rules before making hot chocolates to enjoy in our outdoor area. 

We have been baking cakes for a special occasion!


In RE this week the children have made Tzedakah boxes as part of the unit ‘How should we care for others and the world?’  They are used for charitable donations in Judaism.  

We welcomed Rev Dave for collective worship this week, where he told the story of Moses in connection with Mothering Sunday.

In PE the owls enjoyed making bridges as part of their gymnastics unit of work.  Some very stable bridges were made for children to move underneath!


In History, the Swallows have been learning about the Wright brothers who were the first people to design and pilot an engine powered airplane. The first flight lasted 12 seconds. This week, we freeze framed the first time they flew the airplane and took on the roles of: the plane, Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright and eye witnesses. Look at the fantastic facial expressions to show how everyone was feeling in that moment!


This week the Kingfishers have had a great week. They have been busy across the curriculum. On Friday we worked so hard we even got chance to work on our timetables using TT Rockstars. 

We also did a fantastic science experiment to test the absorbency of different soil types. Every group managed to record their results well and tried hard to carry out a fair test. 

Golden Eagles

In preparation for designing and making a healthy breakfast, the Golden Eagles tested different breakfast bars: “The breakfast biscuits were really good” said Riley, “definitely my favourite.”

“I didn’t like the pumpkin seed breakfast bar, it smelt funny and looked lie bird seed!” explained Nico.

In RE the Golden Eagles continued their work on Pentecost by discussing different representations of the Holy Spirit and then creating their own artistic interpretations.  “I have drawn the Holy Spirit like a dove coming down. At Pentecost there was fire and wind so I have drawn flames around the dove with blue dots for the wind.” Fearne.

“At Pentecost there was fire and a loud wind, so I drew a dove surrounded by flames.” Aaron

In science, the Golden Eagles continued their work on electricity by investigating and creating different circuits. In addition to the physical resources, the children used the Topmarks Circuit Construction Kit to continue their investigations.


In Geography this week we have been learning all about volcanoes.  We made fortune tellers with a twist- they were volcanoes and showed all their inner workings!

In PSHE, we read the book ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung.  We thought about what racist behaviour was and what to do if we see or hear someone being racist.  We then created pictures using red, blue and yellow, showing all the three colours working together.


In Science this week, the Merlins have been learning about the heart and the fascinating process of pumping blood around our bodies. We explored the four different chambers of the heart and how the blood vessels carry our blood through the first half (right atrium and right ventricle through veins) to our lungs where our blood becomes oxygenated before returning to the heart (left atrium and left ventricle).

The children investigated their own heart rate after five different types of physical activity. We discussed our findings and what we could do to make the test more reliable and accurate.

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Reception)George for effort and improved confidence with his writing- well done George!
Owls (Y1)Jonathan for effort and enjoyment in music, particularly when using the glockenspiel.
Swallows (Y2)Sophie for always having an enthusiastic approach to school life. We are particularly proud of Sophie this week for her fantastic independent work in Maths!
Kingfishers (Y3)Myles for enthusiasm during World Book Day and general effort towards improving his reading. 
Golden Eagles (Y4)Maciej for fantastic effort and enjoyment in our maths unit on fractions.
Herons (Y5)Theo for excellent effort in computing.
Merlins (Y6)Eliza for her impressive knowledge and vocabulary when discussing PSHE and No Outsiders.

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeJoshua for enjoyment – sharing his enthusiasm for learning.
AskriggJonathan for responsibility and resilience – consistently trying hard.
West BurtonAva for a great attitude to learning.

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsOtto for helping him with the heavy door Seth
Otto for getting her a helmetCeci
William for being a kind friend and asking him to play a game with himOtto
KingfishersJoey and Myles for helping him to tidy the sheds at WB Sammy
Martha and Olivia for helping her tidy the library after World Book DayLizzy
Golden EaglesElsie for helping Isla when she was hurtFlo & Ellie
Riley for helping her with the maths she missed when absentSylvi
Riley for helping when he was hurt during footballNico
HeronsJo for helping her at breaktimeLily
William for helping him tidy his things awayCallum

Running Club Awards
BainbridgeRed Hot Runners: Isla  
Ice Cool Club: Callum (joint first to get both types of certificates!) 
AskriggRed Hot Runners: William B, Sylvi, Joey B-L, Archie 
Ice Cool Club: Oliver (joint first to get both types of certificates!)
West BurtonRed Hot Runners: Toby & Sidney 

Tidiest ClassroomKingfishers
Best School LibraryAskrigg
House Point Winning Team Dormice
Best Class AttendanceSwallows – 100%