Weekly Newsflash! 26th April 2024

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Monday– Sports Club
Tuesday– Forest Skills Club
Wednesday – Singing Club
Thursday– Cycle Club
Friday– NO Science Club


Go Isla, Go!

One of our Golden Eagles, Isla, had a very sporty weekend!

She plays hockey for Kirkby Stephen Hockey Club. This weekend after qualifying a couple of weeks ago at the local qualifiers travelled to Timperley, just outside Manchester for the North West Finals. Isla played up a year for the U10’s, they played five games in total with two losses, two draws and one win, in which she scored the goal, to finish fourth overall. A fantastic achievement for the team.

A fantastic day of Hockey all around as their girls U12’s,  boys U12’s and boys U10’s also qualified and competed on the day. We are so proud, well done Isla!!

Dales Dance comes to BAWB!

Last half term some of our children worked really hard to put together this amazing dance routine during their lunchtime dance club! Thanks to Hannah Smith from Dales Dance for putting it altogether.

THIS SUNDAY: Askrigg School Tidy Up!

After School Science Club!

CoppaFeel! Fundraising

Five years ago the children within the BAWB Federation were involved in fundraising for CoppaFeel! as one of our West Burton parents was selected to trek the Himalayas raising awareness and funds for the breast cancer charity.  On Saturday 11th May 2024 Jo Quinton is taking on another Coppatrek! Challenge of trekking a full marathon distance (26.2 miles) in just one day. This time though the stunning adventure is much nearer to home in the undulating terrain of the Yorkshire Dales. Alongside Gi Fletcher and the team of alumni trekkers Jo will be raising funds towards CoppaFeel’s life-saving mission to stamp out the late diagnosis of breast cancer.

Next week Jo will be visiting our schools to talk to the children about this new challenge and the children will be getting involved in a fun activity to support the CoppaFeel! trekkers as they pass through Wensleydale. Theodore and Beatrice would also like to support their mother’s challenge by holding a non uniform day on Friday 10th May throughout the BAWB schools. 

In 2019 children were invited to wear colourful clothes to symbolise the prayer flags hung throughout the Himalayas. In 2024 you are invited to do the same but this time to reflect the beautiful rainbows often seen throughout the Yorkshire Dales or you can dress in the colours of CoppaFeel! (pink, purple and yellow). A voluntary donation of £1.00 towards non uniform day to support CoppaFeel’s work would be much appreciated and can be handed in to the office or class teacher.

If you would like to contribute directly to Jo’s fundraising the direct link is HERE. Further information about CoppaFeel! can be found at www.coppafeel.org 

Thank you for your support, 

Jo, Beatrice (Y6) & Theodore (Y3).


Thank you for selling so many raffle tickets! We’ve raised around £1200 and we suspect there might be more tickets loitering in the bottom of bags etc. If you find any, please send back into school this week. The raffle will be drawn at Bainbridge Park at 11am on Monday 6 May. Please come along, and why not bring a picnic and stay for a play? 

Pre-loved uniform – our stock of uniform is now homed at Askrigg School. There will be several chances to buy before the end of the school year, but you can also contact school at any time. If you have donations, please send them in to school. 

Please find the minutes for the latest PTFA meeting HERE.

Dates for your diary:

There is more to come too – please keep an eye out for news on the PTFA Facebook page


Caretaker at Bainbridge

We are really sad to be saying farewell to Irena at the end of April. Irena has looked after Bainbridge school to an incredibly high standard for a number of years. We will miss her kindness, attention to detail and forgiveness when the glitter comes out at Christmas! Irena, we wish you all the best on this new chapter and look forward to keeping in touch.

NYC have re-advertised the vacancy, for more information please see our vacancies page here.

Cleaner/Caretaker at Askrigg

We will be sadly saying good bye to Nigel at the end of the term. Nigel has been our cleaner and caretaker at Askrigg for a number of years and also used to do caretaking at Bainbridge as well. Thank you Nigel for all of the support you have given us over the years, it is greatly appreciated. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this next chapter with more time on the golf course, it is very well deserved.

NYC are now recruiting to fill Nigel’s shoes, for more information please see our vacancies page

Safeguarding Item


Askrigg Scarecrow Competition


The children can’t wait to be able to explore our new grass in our outdoor area – it looks great! And our bean plants continue to grow. The children have been learning more about the life cycles of plants and have been encouraged to use new plant words such as, petal, stem, leaf, root. They have continued to add their own wonderful drawings of plants and our growing tadpoles when exploring them in our outdoor area.

Mrs Teasdale has done some lovely modelling in the home corner this week! The children were excited for her to enjoy a yummy meal!


In PE we have been developing our skills working as a team, we needed good communication to complete the challenges.

In maths we have been making equal groups as part of our multiplication and division unit.

We enjoyed drawing feathers in art, using lines to create pattern and texture.


In Science, the Swallows have been planting seeds! They are very excited to watch them grow throughout the term – they will be looking at the difference in growth between the store cupboard and windowsill! We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

In History, the Swallows have been learning about the monarchy! They did some fabulous acting and even staged a re-enactment of the King’s Coronation.

Three cheers for King Rocco and Queen Emma!


The year 3s enjoyed an amazing morning of tennis at Reeth this week. The children developed skills and came on leaps and bounds in a short space of time. They also worked with other children from Reeth and Gunnerside as well as Leyburn. The children were a credit to the school and showed off amazing tennis skills as well as exemplary behaviour. 

This week in English the kingfishers have been turning our class text into a dramatic retelling. The children have absolutely loved this and have picked up some wonderful new vocabulary.

Golden Eagles

In DT, the Golden Eagles sampled and evaluated the breakfast bars that they made – some were more successful than others! Nico really enjoyed the flavour of the carrot and raisins in his bar but felt that the texture could be improved. Riley realised that he had burnt his biscuit and next time won’t bake it as long!

In PE, the Golden Eagles continued to practise their tennis skills, hitting the ball with the forehand swing and returning to their ready positions.

Living things and their habitats is the new unit of work in science, the Golden Eagles started by exploring the forest school’s area, considering the animals that might live their and how the habitat met the needs of the animals that lived there.

In Music, the Golden Eagles used xylophones to play along to A train is a coming. Fantastic concentration and musicality, especially from this week’s pupil of the week!


The Herons showed off their excellent cooking skills while making their healthy, seasonable soups this week. Some flavours went down better than others – some were such a hit that it has been proposed that they are  put on the menu at the cafe in Aysgarth!


In History, the Merlins have been looking at historical significance and what makes someone or something historically significant. We learnt about the 5Rs of significance, this is the criteria used by historians when deciding if someone or something is significant. In groups, we looked at Queen Elizabeth I and Alfred the Great, we evaluated primary and secondary sources to explain and give evidence on why they were ‘Remarkable’ (one of the 5Rs of significance).

This week, in science, the Merlins have moved onto their new topic of ‘Adaptation’. We started the lesson by discussing what adaptation is and how it helps species to survive in their habitats. The children were given the chance to choose an animal and create an adaptation poster explaining their chosen animal’s adaptations and how these help them to survive in their habitat. The final results were amazing and made for a good display!

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Reception)Ollie for excellent participation in PE – putting in lots of effort and joining in enthusiastically. 
Owls (Y1)Seth for great teamwork in PE this week. Seth is always considerate of others in everything he does. 
Swallows (Y2)Ada for her attention to detail when drawing a panda in Art. Mrs Martin would also like to commend Ada on her fantastic manners – everyday without fail she greets the shuttle bus drivers and thanks them.
Kingfishers (Y3)Olivia for effort across the curriculum and being a role model every day. 
Golden Eagles (Y4)Sidney for fantastic effort and concentration in music whilst playing the xylophone
Herons (Y5)Callum for an excellent attitude to learning (and also being extremely helpful in the classroom.)
Merlins (Y6)Georgie for her perseverance skills and always having a mature approach to school.  

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeJoshua for impressive tidying and organisational skills!
AskriggWillow for always being kind and polite.
West BurtonRosie for thinking hard about her history learning.

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsRosie for picking her ball up and giving it to her, she also nominates Otto for cheering her up, making her laugh Ceci
SwallowsRocco for seeing if he was okay after he was hurt. Theodore
KingfishersBen C for having a positive attitude and always joining in with a game.Sammy
Golden EaglesLouisa for sharing her spare shoes with Elsie during PE.Elsie
Fearne for helping find Elsie’s lost earring.Elsie & Maisie

Tidiest ClassroomKingfishers
Best School LibraryBainbridge
House Point Winning Team Red Squirrels
Best Class AttendanceOwls, Swallows & Kingfishers (100%)