Weekly Newsflash! 23rd February 2024

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Coming up next week…

Monday– Assessment Week
– Pupil Council Meeting
– After School Sports @ Askrigg
Tuesday– Assessment Week
– Y3 & Y4 Swimming
Please can children come into school with their swimming gear underneath their uniform, along with a towel, water bottle and goggles if they wish. Children are also welcome to bring a piece of fruit with them 🙂
Wednesday – Assessment Week
– Y5/6 Newcastle Building Society Talk
– After School Singing Club @ Askrigg
Thursday– Assessment Week
Friday– Assessment Week
– Celebration Assembly
– Science Club @ Askrigg


World Book Day! 7th March 2024

World Book Day is fast approaching and we are very excited at BAWB! We are inviting pupils to come to school dressed as their favourite character from a book, if they wish. Of course, children are more than welcome to come in uniform if they would prefer.

We will be having a World Book Day themed lunch on Thursday 7th March (menu below) please complete the form HERE by Monday 26th February if your child wishes to change from their usual lunch option – the lunch choice would usually be Spaghetti Bolognese.

We are so lucky that the PTFA are hosting another PTFA stories and hot chocolate evening for World Book Day. More information, and the link to book, is available HERE

All the above information will also be sent out in an email next week.

Askrigg Pupils

Due to the muddy conditions, if pupils would like to go on the grass at lunchtime and playtime please send them in with a pair of wellies / second pair of shoes. Many thanks.

A big thank you!

Askrigg school gates, we are really thankful to Yorebridge Education Foundation (YEF) who have solved the insurance issue at Askrigg Primary School, the gates are now able to be left open out with school time. Huge thanks to the YEF trustees for working to get this all sorted.

Safeguarding Item


Measles Awareness

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has declared a national incident following Measles outbreaks in London and West Midlands. The best protection against measles for children and adults is to get both doses of the MMR vaccine.

Measles is a highly infectious, serious illness that can be very unpleasant. Those most at risk are under 1’s, the unvaccinated, immuno-compromised or pregnant woman. There is no specific treatment available, so it is important to get vaccinated to avoid serious illness.



Following on from the fabulous learning last half term about the Arctic and Antarctic, we began learning about the Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. The children have been fascinated to find out more about his expeditions and have amazed us with the facts they can recall. The children were very excited to become ‘explorers’ like Ernest Shackleton, in our outdoor area. We talked about the importance of working as a team to sail the ship and to set up camp as Ernest Shackleton did, because exploring Antarctica would have been difficult and a real adventure. The children wrapped up warm, made ‘camp fires’, packed up tools in their backpacks and made maps to help them find their way. What brilliant role play! 

The children learned the Fable of ‘The Two Doves’ that Willow pattern is based on. Then they created their own Willow pattern plate, thinking carefully about the details they needed to add. We love their interpretations of this art. 

Finally, as part of our PSHE this week the children have been thinking about how they are a good friend. Some lovely suggestions from the children included:

Brodie: “When a friend was sad I asked them where they wanted to play.”    

Joshua: “When someone was crying I gave them a cuddle.”

Ronnie: “I make a present for my friends.”

Zoey: “I share toys with my friends.”


In DT this week the Owls have been exploring free standing structures, discussing the materials that have been used and how the structures have been joined together.  Some great vocabulary used to answer questions…..of course we needed to use the equipment to check it was an effective design!

Great excitement to be using atlases in geography as we started out new unit on the United Kingdom.  We located the United Kingdom within Europe on a world map then named and located the four countries on a map.  We discussed coastline and cities, well done Owls some wonderful geography.


On Monday, we looked at microhabitats in science. The children loved searching for microhabitats around the school grounds. We found woodlouse, worms and centipedes… to name a few! All the children loved getting their hands dirty in the soil to have a good look! 

In Maths we are looking at length and height. The children loved using metre sticks to measure different objects around the classroom to see if they were longer or shorter than a metre- including themselves! 


A busy week of the Kingfishers with lots going on! We have enjoyed starting lots of new topics and working on skills that we have continued to develop this year. 

We have done lots of work this week on equivalent fractions and placing these on number lines or drawing them as bar models. We used this interactive fraction wall to support us. 

We have done lots of handwriting work this week as we continue to develop and progress in our fine motor control. 

In English we have launched our new book using a song called freight train. We used this as inspiration to make connections and work on our visualisation.

Golden Eagles

In science, the Golden Eagles have collected data from the forest school area on vertebrates, invertebrates, flowering and non-flowering plants to compare with the data they collected in Autumn.

The Golden Eagles have started their RE topic on Pentecost. The children looked at different artists representations of Pentecost before investigating biblical texts describing the events at Pentecost. 


This week in Herons we have been giving directions in French!

Tu vas deux mètres au nord.

Tu vas un mètre à l’ouest.

Tu vas cinq mètres a l’est.

Tu vas trois mètres au sud.


This week, the Merlins have been incredibly busy brushing up on their ark skills. We have started our new science unit ‘The Circulatory System’; We kicked off the lesson by discussing the different parts of the Circulatory System and how they work coherently to pump blood around our body. We were able to understand how the heart pumps blood around our bodies through the three main blood vessels arteries, veins and capillaries. To remember their functions, we created visual notes/sketches of the heart and blood vessels. The end results looked amazing. 

In RE, the Merlins have started to look at Moses and the key events in his life. We watched a variety of clips from ‘The Prince of Egypt’ and used oil pastels, charcoal and sketch pencils to capture a scene depicting the first four key events in Moses’ life: being put in the basket and found by the Pharaoh’s daughter, killing the taskmaster, fleeing Egypt and when God speaks to Moses through the burning bush.

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Nursery)Jacob for brilliant contributions to our learning about Antarctica.
Robins (Reception)Ollie for some super blending to read words in Phonics. 
Owls (Y1)Rosie for her work in Design and Technology, great contribution to discussions about structures and presenting her work beautifully. 
Swallows (Y2)Emma for fantastic fluency in reading – it has been a joy listening to Emma read this week! 
Kingfishers (Y3)Rosie for having a positive outlook and always offering her help to others 
Golden Eagles (Y4)Anna for effort and determination to work independently. 
Herons (Y5)Hugo for effort and enjoyment in maths
Merlins (Y6)Beatrice for growing in maturity and her effort in school life.

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeSophie for politeness and fantastic learning behaviours … at all times! 
AskriggMyles for demonstrating some fantastic learning behaviours 
West BurtonAlexander for enthusiasm for learning and a super work ethic. 

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsSeth for helping him (get up when he fell over).Albert
Zoey for giving her a bike at break time.Annie
Rosie for always thinking of others and trying to help them.Mrs Pickard-Sparne
SwallowsAda for helping her when she trapped her finger.Emma
KingfishersOlivia for making her feel part of the group when she was feeling a bit lonely.Rosie
HeronsLily-Anne for helping her when she was hurt.Lydia

Tidiest ClassroomHerons
Best School LibraryWest Burton
House Point Winning Team Dormice
Best Class AttendanceKingfishers – 100%