Weekly Newsflash! 21st June 2024

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Monday– School Council Meeting @ West Burton
– After School Sports Club
Tuesday– Year 5 Summer Sports Day @ TWS
– Y6 Top Up Swimming
– After School Forest Skills
Wednesday – Year 1 Local Geography Walk
– After School Singing
Thursday– Year 5/6 Bradford Trip
Friday– Non-Uniform Day (Wear Purple/Bright Colours!!)
– After School Science Club (Askrigg)
– After School Cycle Club (Bainbridge)


Warm Weather Ahead!

Next week’s weather is due to be warm and sunny (finally!!) Please send your child to school wearing sun-cream and a suitable hat – thanks!

Non-Uniform Day

As some of you may be aware, the 30th June 2024 marks one year since the passing of our beloved teaching assistant, Rebecca Alderson. Mrs Alderson was a treasured member of the BAWB family, inspiring our children and staff daily with her wonderful teaching. In honour of her memory, we are inviting the children to wear purple (Mrs Alderson’s favourite colour!) on Friday 28th June. If you don’t have anything purple, bright colours will do just fine!

We are also hoping to raise some money for Teesside Hospice who looked after Rebecca and her family, so any and all donations are very much appreciated on the day. We hope you’ll join us in remembering Rebecca and honouring her memory as best we can.

CANCELLED: Adventure Car Hunt

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the planned PTFA Car Adventure Quiz that was due to take place on Sunday 23rd June. This difficult decision has been made due to fewer entries than we were hoping for! The event will still place later in the year so keep your eyes peeled in September for a new date!

House Heroes

On Friday 5th July, our Reception – Y6 children will be having their annual House Heroes afternoon! The children will carousel around a range of activities in groups representing their house teams. Whilst the event is spectator free, we need lots of volunteers to help run the stations. If you are available to help between 13:00 – 15:30 please contact Mr Greenway directly by emailing [email protected] 🙂

Upper Wensleydale Benefice

Enjoy a lovely walk in Raydale and then a beautiful flower festival with refreshments – St Matthew’s in Stalling Busk – this weekend- we hope to welcome you there 😊

PTFA Events

We’re sorry that the car adventure hunt has been postponed. Mr Greenway and Miss Telford have put a lot of effort into preparing it and so we all feel it would be better to postpone a little so that more people can enjoy the event.  Next up then is our Car Boot Sale on Sunday 7th July at 10am at West Witton playing fields (sellers set up from 9am). For those involved in the Dales Dance show that afternoon – please pop in on your way to Leyburn! We will be asking for volunteers to help and donations of cakes/goodies to sell on our stall. So please think if you can support in this way. 

All the money raised at these events goes to helping your children – paying for transport for trips, treats and equipment – so your support and that of your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc really makes a difference.

To find out what was discussed in the most recent PTFA meeting, please find the minutes HERE.


This week Owls and Robins have been learning about water safety. One of the things we learnt was SAFE. Stay Away From the Water. Even when it is frozen!

Our story of the week has been The Rainbow Fish. We have had lots of discussions about how the Rainbow Fish became happier when she was kind and shared some of her shiny scales. This has led to the children enjoying making their own coral reef/under the sea worlds, using egg boxes. Lots of fine motor skills practised here! Some children even adapted our small world ‘moon’ world and added sea creatures to make a ‘sea world’! 

We have been making repeating patterns in Maths this week. The children made their own repeating patterns around a paper plate. It was trickier than we thought and sometimes the pattern had to change, to complete the circle.

Our nursery children have been focussing on numbers to 5 and have been going on a number hunt around the classroom. 


Another busy week for the Owls!

Super proud of the children during sports day, everyone gave it their best shot and happily cheered each other on it was a great afternoon, thank you Mr Bullock and Mr Greenway.

Another sporting afternoon on Tuesday when we attended Leyburn Primary School to take part in the cluster school orienteering event.  This not only gave us the opportunity to develop our map reading and number skills (while running around the school field!) but also meet other year 1 pupils from our local cluster schools; FEDMAS, Reeth and Gunnerside and Leyburn.  There were over 100 children there and our year 1 and 2 pupils took it in their stride, quickly joining teams and working together.  Impeccable behaviour and manners, well done everyone.

This week we combined our science and DT lessons, exploring fruit! We looked at a variety of fruit and their seeds, used our senses to smell and taste and practised our DT skills of cutting and peeling ready for designing then making fruit salad!  


Our Swallows got stuck in at Sports Day this year!! We had a wonderful day, cheering on each other and doing our very best to win a shiny sticker!


This week the Kingfishers have been busy with assessments. We have been doing lots on top of our assessments. We were fortunate enough to take part in a Water Safety webinar with Yorkshire Water on how to stay safe in and around water. 
We also revisited our mark making skills in art and here are two our children’s landscapes. 

The Kingfishers had a fantastic Sports Day over at Askrigg on Monday!

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have had another fantastic week in their final half term, which started with sports’ day. The children had lots of fun taking part in the races and cheering on their fellow housemates.

In science we have continued our work on the digestive system by considering the different layers of the teeth and how sugar can lead to plaque which causes decay of the enamel and pulp underneath. In our experiment we observed over time how sugar reacted with yeast producing a layer of scum (caused by the gasses released), which was representative of the bacteria in our mouths eating the sugar and creating plaque. Hopefully this has led to more diligent toothbrushing!

The Golden Eagles have put their sewing skills into action by starting production of their purses. The children carefully cut out and stitched together their materials then added suitable fasteners.

In English we have continued looking at the work of Valerie Bloom and have attempted performing her poetry with its Jamaican dialect in an authentic Jamaican accent!


In RE, Mr Scrafton worked with the Herons to prepare questions ready for our trip to Bradford next Thursday.

In science, we have been looking at dissolving, investigating how much salt and sugar can be dissolved in water before saturation point is reached.


In science, the Merlins have been exploring fossils and the inspiring work of the famous palaeontologist, Mary Anning. The children dived into Mary Anning’s life and discovered her most famous findings – the skull of an ichthyosaurs – and the hardships she faced during her lifetime. To end our topic, the children were able to choose a fossil they were interested it and write about it, sketch it and model it. Some of the end results were cleverly detailed and looked amazing.

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Nursery)Freddie for his super listening and enthusiastic involvement in learning.
Robins (Reception)Charlie for perseverance with his reading at home, which is helping him make great progress in school. Well done Charlie! 
Owls (Y1)Max for great sportsmanship during sports day and KS1 orienteering. 
Swallows (Y2)Ben for always being a kind and considerate member of the class who demonstrates great sportsmanship and set an excellent example to others at the Orienteering event. 
Kingfishers (Y3)Joey for showing flair and creativity in any artistic activity. 
Golden Eagles (Y4)Fearne for showing resilience during assessment week and always giving 100% effort 100% of the time. 
Herons (Y5)Jacob for an excellent attitude in assessment week. 
Merlins (Y6)Hollie for always being fantastic. I could give Hollie pupil of the week every week – I can count on Hollie to always be doing the right thing and she consistently follows our RESPECT code. She is a true role model to her peers, and we will miss her dearly when she goes to secondary school. She is one of the most hard-working, helpful and kindest pupils that I have had the pleasure of teaching.  

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeArthur for fantastic progress with his phonics. He even practised while on holiday and was so proud to show me what he could do when he returned! 
AskriggElsie for being kind to all pupils, particularly those younger than herself, and acting as a role model for others.
West BurtonAlex for his boundless energy and enthusiasm, particularly when it comes to sports! 

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
SwallowsRocco for helping him on the bus when he was feeling upset about his hayfever. Ben
Aimee for helping her to get her work finished in DT. Rose
Rocco for thinking of others, spending his book voucher prize on his friends.Ada
KingfishersLizzy for helping to tidy up for her when she was trying to get her worked finished in DT.Ada
Golden EaglesIsla for helping in geography.Maisie & Sylvi
Sylvi, Ellie, Rene and Isla for being amazing friends and checking she was alright when Louisa was sad.Louisa
HeronsOliver for helping him and Raf in science. William
Isaac for helping him in maths.Callum
MerlinsJohnny for giving him his crackers during our geography trip when Archie dropped his on the floor.Archie

Tidiest ClassroomGolden Eagles
Best School LibraryBainbridge
House Point Winning Team Red Squirrels
Best Class AttendanceKingfishers – 100%