Weekly Newsflash! 20th October 2023

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Coming up next week…

Monday – Yoga @ Bainbridge
Tuesday – Y1 and Y5 swimming
Wednesday – Y5/6 Boys Football @ The Wensleydale School
– After-school sports
Thursday – Break up for October half term
Friday – INSET DAY
– Pumpkin Disco @ West Burton Village Hall

Wear a Woolly Wednesday

Our children wrapped up nice and warmly on Wednesday whilst the heating was turned off! Any excuse to wear a fluffy jumper and bobble hat is fine by the kids!

Pumpkin Disco!

EA Sports FC24


Happy Pumpkin Challenge!

Celebrating LIGHT

With so much sad and frightening news around we thought it would be a good idea to create an opportunity for the children to use the seasonal Pumpkins to think about and celebrate the good things in life such as light and hope and things that make them happy.

‘St Margaret’s Educational Trust’ in Hawes is providing Book Vouchers for the most creative and joyful carvings. Completed Pumpkins should be brought into your child’s school on the morning of October 26th and winners will be announced that day. We hope that you will see this as a positive activity and we look forward to seeing what the children come up with!

Best wishes as ever

Rev Dave  



To raise funds we will letting children have a go at guessing the name of the spider – 20p a go, and all proceeds go to the PTFA! The winner will bring home the spooooky spider.

Great North Air Ambulance Service – DONATIONS

As our families are so fantastic at raising funds, we have once again booked a collection for GNAAS for Wednesday 8th November. Please bring your bags to school that morning and leave outside. Each child will be sent home with a bag, but any bag will be accepted! They need your old clothing and can also take toner/ink cartridges or unwanted mobile phones in any condition (in a separate bag).


As many of you know our after school cycle club is run by Helen at Stage1 Cycles, they are running some fab sessions alongside their usual bike clubs including a Haunted Castle Halloween Ride with hot chocolate and cake as a reward! They are also offering a Pumpkin Bike trail which is suitable for beginners. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and find the face paints. These events are hosted by Wensleydale Bike Club but are open to all. So if you have visitors staying for the 1/2 term they are very welcome to join in. Bikes are available to loan but must be booked. Find out more here.

Reception Starters


Secondary School Applications

If you haven’t already made an application for a secondary school for September 2024, please don’t forget to apply by the 31 October 2023. Applications can be made online at www.northyorks.gov.uk/admissions – if you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office.


Did you know you can synchronise our calendar with our school calendar? Click here to visit the calendar and click the link at the bottom of the page that says ‘subscribe to calendar’ – this will enable you to push events out to your personal calendars.


The Robins had lots of fun hosting a teddy bear tea party on Monday!

The Robins’ engineering skills were put to the test this week, using a pulley system to lift their toys!

Robins met ‘Beat Baby’ this week. He is helping us with our listening skills. He is very shy and only wakes up from his home if the children clap to the beat of our rhyme, “Beat Baby, Beat Baby, where are you? Beat Baby, Beat Baby we love you…” . The children know that they have to whisper the rhyme to begin with, then gradually get louder.  The children joined in with some rhyme games for Beat Baby to listen to, then they quietly said a goodbye rhyme and each gave him a cuddle before Beat Baby went back to sleep.


The Owls were practising their attacking and defence skills in PE, finished off with a team building sorting activity, it was very fast paced!

In Maths we have been making number sentences for different fact families using the language first, then, now. Great use of resources to help to find different ways, well done everyone.

Swallows & Kingfishers

The Swallows and Kingfishers became art critics this week! We have come to the end of our topic of Charcoal so we had a look at each other’s work to give some positive feedback and some constructive advice for next time. The children did a brilliant job and Mrs Park was very impressed with the thoughts of all the children. We had a go at “321 Art” which enabled the children to write 3 things they have learned this topic, 2 things they like about one of their pieces of work and 1 thing they would improve on next time. 

In Geography, we have been looking at continents and oceans around the world. This week, we used atlas’ to find out which continent different countries were in. We used the index to find the country, looked at the page number and it told us which continent it was in! Following this, we looked at specific places in different continents to identify human and physical geography features. 

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have had another fantastic week with lots of learning and fun activities.

In science we have been looking at the different ways that materials can change state from gas to liquid to solid. Seeing the water vapour in our breath change to a liquid on a mirror also helped us link our science work with our earlier geography learning on the water cycle. The Golden Eagles also used our Charanga music resource to compose music on a theme and enjoyed listening to each others compositions.

To help keep warm on Wear a Woolly day, we wore added art shirts to our layers whilst illustrating Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky with charcoal and graphite.


In science this week, we were looking at water resistance and we had great fun (and made a lot of mess!) making different shapes with modelling clay to find out which was the most streamlined. We discovered that a thin cylinder was best. You’ll be pleased to know that the Herons classroom is nice and dry again now thanks to the children’s wonderful tidying – perhaps they could show you their skills at home over the weekend!


In science this week, the Merlins have been identifying and defining complete and incomplete circuits. They have discovered that a complete circuit will have all necessary, working components correctly connected allowing a current to flow. The Merlins also explored what may happen if there is a break or an open switch in the circuit and what impact this would have on the flow of electricity.