Weekly Newsflash! 10th November 2023

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Coming up next week…

Tuesday – Y1 and Y5 swimming
Wednesday – After-school sports
Friday – Children in Need!
– After-school science club

A message from BAWB

As Miss Harper is currently out of school, please send any communications to the BAWB Office – [email protected] – or directly to Miss Collins, co-Headteacher – [email protected] if required. Thank you for your co-operation.

Children in Need!

It’s time for our annual fundraising for Children in Need and this year the school council have decided that they would like the pupils to dress up as ‘their future job‘. We’re anticipating some excellent farmers’ outfits, and maybe a few footballers! The children will be taking part in many Pudsey-related activities, such as baking with Fearne & Rosie jam, making and decorating headbands and (weather permitting!) a treasure hunt.

We’re set to have a fantastic day and we really appreciate any and all contributions – we’ve set up a dedicated ParentPay for donations, though of course, children can bring in small cash donations if they wish.


Please find the Christmas Bulletin 2023 below. Please note there is a mistake on the bottom of the bulletin that was attached to the email. The last celebration assembly is on the 15th December but it is not our last day of term – we break up for Christmas on Friday 22nd December. The below bulletin is the updated version.


Safeguarding – Microtransactions


Swaledale Alliance Teacher Training


Did you know you can synchronise our calendar with our school calendar? Click here to visit the calendar and click the link at the bottom of the page that says ‘subscribe to calendar’ – this will enable you to push events out to your personal calendars.


What a busy first week back in Robins!

We have made some beautiful artwork showing ‘fireworks’. We practised lots of different skills in different stages to complete our pictures; we loved rolling marbles in the paint, then added glitter in zig-zag and spiral shapes, then we finally added a rocket to our picture. We know that we need a rectangle and a triangle for our rocket. All the pictures look brilliant! 

In Maths we have been learning all about circles and triangles, as well as talking about the properties of other shapes too. The children played a game where they had to describe shapes in the feely bag, explored combining the large shapes to create pictures and we talked about the shapes we can see all around us. 

We have also been focussing on using positional language in Maths. The children LOVED playing ‘hide the teddy’ around our classroom. They could tell their friends whether the teddy was “on, under, inside, next to, behind…” A great game to play at home too!

We have shared stories and thoughts about the significance of Remembrance Day. The children have created some beautiful Poppy art. They cut out different sized circles to create their own Poppy and have printed Poppy pictures too. 


A busy start to the new half term…

In science we explored seasonal changes, everyone enjoyed the golden leaves! We looked for evergreen trees and described and compared the trees in the school grounds.

In maths we have been using part whole models to record number bonds. “If I have 10 counters altogether, 3 in this hand, how many in my closed hand?” 

The Owls have enjoyed listening to the story “Where the poppies now grow”, we have been making and painting poppies for our Remembrance display.

Swallows & Kingfishers

On Tuesday, we had a visit from North Yorkshire Police. The children learned about what it is like to be in the police and loved trying on the different uniforms. We saw the blue lights and heard the sirens on the police vehicle. Our very own Mrs Park was handcuffed!

This week, the Kingfishers and Swallows began their new computing unit – stop motion animation. We looked at how we can give pictures the appearance of movement by creating our own flip books.

In RE, we have started our new unit on religious festivals. This week, we learned about Easter. We discussed the story of Easter and how Christian’s believes that Jesus died to save people from their sins. We worked together to make hot cross buns and had lots of fun kneading the dough! We talked about the cross on the hot cross buns symbolising the cross which Jesus died on. We ate our hot cross buns and the room went silent, everyone enjoying their delicious baking until a child exclaimed “This is absolutely scrumptious!”

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have had a great start to the new half term.

In history we have been investigating ways in which the Anglo Saxons counted large numbers, in addition to using an abacus, the Venerable Bede used a method of finger counting to complete the Monasteries’ accounts and calculate Easter. The Golden Eagles had a go at counting objects using finger counting.

The Golden Eagles investigated the affect of the temperature of water on the melting of ice cubes. A fantastic discussion took place around the importance of keeping the controlled variables the same!


Year 5 have been having fun playing games to practise telling the time in French.  There was some excellent pronunciation!

In art we used Vedic squares to create Islamic art (an art lesson using computing, maths and RE too).  Here are some of the results that we managed to print off (before we used up all the toner in the printer!).


The Merlins have been working on their communication skills and tactics. Groups had to effectively work as a team in order to collect all of their coloured beanbags and return to base. The yellow group had an interesting tactic and decided it would be more efficient to split up to retrieve the beanbags. The teams displayed some great collaboration skills.

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Reception)Joshie for making brilliant choices this week and for being a very caring friend.
Owls (Y1)Annie for effort in all that she does, working hard and always helping others, she is a great role model.
Swallows (Y2)Emma for her fantastic reasoning in Maths! 
Kingfishers (Y3)Lizzy Metcalfe for determination in maths and completing lots of problem-solving challenges. 
Golden Eagles (Y4)Matilda for confidently following all aspects of the RESPECT code.   
Herons (Y5)Rafael for supporting younger children during swimming and demonstrating exemplary behaviour.
Merlins (Y6)Toby for his effort this week especially during our spelling session – spotting words throughout the rest of the day that included our focus suffix (-able/-ible).

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeDylan for stepping up to the responsibilities of Year 6 and acting as a role model to younger children.
AskriggMartha for her cheerful, kind approach to school life.
West BurtonToby for an excellent discussion about his learning with our Senior Education Advisor.

Best Learning Space (classroom)Owls
Most Effective learning Environment (school)Bainbridge
House Point Winning Team Otters – 148
Best Class AttendanceKingfishers – 100%