Weekly Newsflash! 10th May 2024

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Monday– KS2 SATs
– After School Sports Club
Tuesday– KS2 SATs
– EYFS Balance Bike Sessions
– Forest Skills Club
Wednesday – KS2 SATs
– Singing Club
Thursday– KS2 SATs
– Eco Warriors Meeting
Friday– KS2 SATs
– Science Club


Headteacher’s Message

Dear families,

What a difference the sunshine makes. The children have been enjoying getting outside much more; learning outdoors can be much more engaging than learning in a classroom. This has been made all the more pleasurable at Askrigg where our volunteer weekend has made a huge difference to the grounds. Thanks to everyone who came out on a rainy Sunday to help.

Our Year 6 children have been working very hard in preparation for their SATs tests so the fresh air and sunshine has been particularly important for them. All of the staff at BAWB would like to wish them the very best for their exams. My recommendation is to have a lovely relaxing weekend and lots of sleep so you are all full of energy for the week ahead. Good luck!

Football Goals at Askrigg

Some new football goals have been installed at Askrigg this week, and we politely ask that children (and adults!) do not touch them until Monday so we can make sure they are as solid and safe as possible. Thank you for your co-operation.


PTFA Raffle update – Despite the weather we had a great time on Monday at Bainbridge park drawing our May Day Draw. All 21 prizes have now been awarded to their lucky winners, please look HERE for the winners! Thank you to everyone who supported the draw, including the buying and selling of tickets and all the fabulous local businesses for donating the great prizes. We raised a fantastic £1628!!

Dance Competition – BAWB wins GOLD!!

Some of our KS2 children have been taking part in a lunch time dance club at Askrigg this term – our pupils painstakingly learnt a whole routine to then take part in the local Dance Festival against other schools. Videos of their routine were submitted and judged by A level Dance students at Richmond School. We are so proud to say that BAWB won Gold and topped the leaderboard!

Here’s a another chance to see their fabulous routine:

Safeguarding Item


A Crafting Mindfulness and Acorns to Oaks Collaboration

Askrigg Bingo Night!

Askrigg Scarecrow Competition

Parent & Carer Drop In Sessions – Homestart Richmond


Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!! We can make them and chase them.

Ruby’s mum brought her new chicks in for us to hold.

Practising our ball skills!!

Look what Mr Stokes has made us!

Our Robins love reading and even practise their red words with friends during independent learning.

The bubble machine has been lots of fun in our outdoor area. The children have been following the direction the bubbles are travelling in and have enjoyed popping the bubbles in different ways; by clapping them, tapping them, stamping on them, and using other resources to pop them too!

The children have been working on their ball skills all week. They loved using our pop up nets to try and kick different sized balls towards the goal. They are getting very good at it!

We are creating lots of lovely art work for a large ‘life cycle’ display. The children have been learning about different kinds of grass and have explored different techniques to create some grass art to add to our display. 


Another busy week for the Owls!

In art we have been adding texture and pattern to paper in preparation for making our 3D birds, the rubbings gave some lovely detail.

We were very lucky to join the Robins when Mrs Dinsdale brought some chicks in for the children to hold, the children asked lots of great questions and were good at spotting their features linked to our science unit on animals.

In Music the owls accompanied the song that we have been learning ‘In the Sea’, they used a variety of instruments, holding a steady beat.


Our Swallows have been carrying on their science experiments, identifying the differences between the plant’s progress of growth (or lack thereof!) depending on their location.


Here we have the kingfishers plying times table tennis with balloons. After working on our rolling numbers so much we had a battle to see if we could remember our times table at speed in this fun game. 

Swallows and Kingfishers

At West Burton we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Dogs Trust.

The children learn about how to be safe around dogs and how to be brilliant owners!

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have continued their art topic on food using different techniques and media to create a still life of a cupcake, although the children thought the best bit of the lesson was eating the cake afterwards!

In science we continued to look at classification keys, creating our own keys to classify plants from Mr Scrafton’s garden.

On Wednesday some of the Golden Eagles (and Kingfishers) represented BAWB at the Year 3/4 cricket competition, the children encouraged each other to do their best and all had a great time.


This week the Herons have been investigating and making different styles of shadow puppets.


The Merlins have been incredibly busy this week preparing for their SATs; we have exhausted past papers and are as ready as we can be for next week. Wish us all luck!

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Nursery)Ellen for creative play in independent learning. She made a lovely small world scene in the sand and some very detailed painting. 
Robins (Reception)Arthur for following new rules with new equipment. He did not go on the tyre swing until an adult was present. 
Owls (Y1)Zoey for her recall of facts in history, using great vocabulary in her responses. 
Swallows (Y2)Aimee for always having a positive attitude and being resilient even when things aren’t going her way! 
Kingfishers (Y3)Ben for demonstrating all the aspects of our PE Golden thread during cricket – a wonderful teammate.  
Golden Eagles (Y4)Louisa for always going the extra mile, striving to get just a bit more done each lesson. 
Herons (Y5)Abe for a fabulous and positive attitude to learning, researching topics independently and enthusiastically sharing his additional learning. 
Merlins (Y6)Dylan for his interest and contributions in science.

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeLexi for fantastic contributions during Collective Worship.
AskriggAnnie for being a mature role model and a kind friend.
West BurtonCharlie for working hard on his phonics and creating a fabulous instruction booklet. 

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
KingfishersTheodore for helping her on the Chromebook.Martha
Sammy was nominated by different people this week for being a good friend, for being kind to everyone and for helping Lizzy on the Chromebook. 
Olivia for helping Libby when she had hurt her tummy.Rosie
Golden EaglesIsla for cheering her on in cricket.Sylvi
Sylvi for cheering her on in cricket. Isla
Rene for being a good friend.Ellie
MerlinsJo, Hollie F and Lily for always being good friends.Amelie

Tidiest ClassroomRobins
Best School LibraryBainbridge
House Point Winning Team A tie!! Otters and Red Squirrels
Best Class AttendanceKingfishers – 100%