Parent Forum Feedback

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Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you who attended our Parents’ Forum at the beginning of the term. I am sorry it has taken us so long to respond; Miss Harper had originally intended to reply much earlier but was unfortunately taken ill.

Please note that any reference to ‘parents’ in the record of the forum below refers only to the small number of parents that were present. If your views are not represented here, please do consider going along to the next forum, chatting informally with someone at school or sending an email. All feedback is gratefully received. 

Miss Collins

Parent Forum: children have reported that the dinners are sometimes cold at Askrigg and that the portion sizes are not always big enough. Is there capacity to have a cook at both sites again?

School response: we are sorry that there was an issue with this at the beginning of the term but we hope it has now been addressed. Since the parents’ forum, staff at Askrigg have been consistently vigilant: they ensure that portions are allocated carefully, that the dinner is served out promptly and that the hot cupboard is used correctly to ensure the food is the right temperature. Thank you for alerting us to this issue. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to have a cook at both sites again but hopefully the steps we have taken have solved the problem.

Parent Forum: thank you for amending the newsletter in response to parent feedback from the last forum. Parents are finding the Newsflash perfect! 

School response: great to hear this, thank you!

Parent Forum: thank you for responding to parent feedback about the uniform. The logo and the uniform have been well received and there is a quick turn around between ordering and receiving orders.

School response: again, it is lovely to receive this positive feedback.

Parent Forum: parents of new children would appreciate more communication before their child starts school. For example, information about bus protocol, timings, kits needed and where to go for Celebration Assembly. What time do all the schools start and children need to be there? Can this be clarified in case anyone wants to drop off directly or misses a bus.

School response: we will be putting together a pack for parents of new children that will provide this information, thank you for highlighting the issue.

The shuttle buses between the schools leave as soon after 8:30am as possible. If you miss a shuttle, please contact the school to let them know. You are then welcome to transport your child to their taught school. If anyone would prefer to drop off directly at their child’s taught school, rather than use the shuttle, please let the admin team know. It helps us if you can drop off children before 8:45am as the school gates shut at that point and the children and staff go inside.

Parent Forum: what time are all children in their taught schools? Is there something children can be doing whilst waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive, rather than standing still. Are the children on shuttles missing interventions?

School response: we aim for all children to be on their shuttle buses by 8:45am and for children to arrive at their taught schools by 9:15am. This meets current statutory requirements for the length of the school week. We would, however, prefer to have all children at their taught school by 9:00am as this will allow us to meet the statutory 32.5 hour school week that will be coming into force in September 2024. Parents can help us in this endeavour by bringing their children to school as close to 8:30am as possible to allow the shuttle buses to leave promptly.

For clarity, here are the timings of each shuttle bus:

Leaving Askrigg:

  • Pupils accessing the shuttle (Fosters) from Askrigg to Bainbridge depart by 8:40am
  • Pupils accessing the shuttle (Peacocks taxi) from Askrigg to West Burton depart by 8:35am

Leaving Bainbridge:

  • Pupils accessing the shuttle (Fosters) from Bainbridge to Askrigg depart by 8:50am
  • Pupils accessing the shuttle (NYC mini bus) from Bainbridge to West Burton depart by 8:35am

Leaving West Burton:

  • Pupils accessing the shuttle (NYC mini bus) from West Burton to Bainbridge and then onto Askrigg depart by 8:50am (we aim to get on this bus earlier where possible).

We have worked hard to reduce the length of time children are waiting for shuttles as we recognised this was a problem last year. We are also bringing the children inside where possible, rather than waiting on the playground.

Interventions are given to children on our Special Education Needs (SEN) Register and will be given to all children on this register, regardless of whether they use the shuttles or not. No child misses interventions due to being on a shuttle. If you feel your child needs an intervention and should be on the SEN register, please get in touch with Miss Collins, in the first instance. 

For other children, the time in which they are waiting for others to arrive on shuttle buses is spent doing useful tasks such as quiet reading, times table practice, maths games, supporting the teachers to prepare for the day etc. It is a fine balance to ensure children on the shuttles do not miss curriculum learning during this time but that the children waiting for their peers to arrive are still engaged in appropriate activities.

You are always welcome to bring your children directly to their taught school, if you wish. Please let the school office know at least a day in advance so we are not waiting for your child to arrive for the shuttle.

Parent Forum: Will there be a residential trip this year for the spring term?

School response: we have two residentials this year, both in the summer term. Year 3 & 4 are going to Marrick Priory and Year 6 are going to Humphrey Head. Parents of these children have been contacted with details. We will do information evenings for these residentials closer to the time.

Parent Forum: there is a science club for Year 3 upwards but parents of younger children would like them to have a science club too.

School response: we are delighted that science club is so popular! The spring term science club will be for Year 1 to Year 6 children. A booking form will be sent out soon.

Parent Forum: would you consider bringing Forest Schools back as an after-school club? Could parents go along with the children to help with ratios?

School response: thank you very much for offering to support a Forest School club. We are discussing the feasibility of this at the moment and hope to let parents know soon whether it is possible.

Parent Forum: what happened to running club? Could this be reinstated? What happened to the HIIT sessions? Could these be reinstated?

School response: Miss Collins hopes the lunchtime running club will be back in the second half of the spring term, once the weather has improved. This would be at Askrigg only. The team at West Burton have reported that they have the capacity to run HIIT sessions, which will begin after Christmas.

Parent Forum: would school reconsider the reading challenge list for ‘Rewarding Reading’; could the list be removed and children rewarded for reading for pleasure? Could reading be recorded via the Boom Reader app? Should parents still be using Boom Reader as teacher feedback isn’t always present on the app.

School response:  we feel this is a good idea and will relaunch ‘Rewarding Reading’ after Christmas. Watch this space!

Parent Forum: could The Haven be explained to students so they are aware of how it should be used?

School response:  yes, the Askrigg team will explain its use to their classes. The Haven can be used by any child who is feeling stressed, upset or who is struggling to cope in any way.

Parent Forum: the response when contacting school is really quick, parents really appreciate it.

School response:  thank you.

Parent Forum: thank you for reviewing the SEND provision and for having the North Yorkshire hub team in to support the schools.

School response:  we have been delighted to welcome experts from the NYCC SEND hub. Improving our provision for children with additional needs is a top priority for us and the SEND hub have been a great help with that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this work. 

Parent Forum: Thank you for the police visit, the pupils loved it!

School response:  thank you