Weekly Newsflash! Friday 9th June 2023

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Thank you from Miss Harper!

Our children are enjoying lots of visits during this half-term to bring learning alive, improve their experiences of diversity, and to have lots of fun! I would like to say huge thanks to the staff who plan and organise these trips – it is impossible to convey how much there is to do to pull off such amazing events, especially big trips like the one to Bradford. It really is a privilege to work with this team.

I would also like to thank our children because, without exception, their behaviour and engagement during these trips has been exceptional, and this makes all the organisation worth it!

Well done and thank you to everyone!

Y2 and KS2 Trip to Bradford

Mr Scrafton writes….

Swallows, Kingfishers, Golden Eagles and Merlins had a fantastic day out on Thursday to Bradford. The excitement started when an executive bus turned up to collect half of the group. The children loved the tables and being able to look across at their friends but the teachers were disappointed that the coffee machine was not turned on!

During the morning the children visited a mosque and a Hindu temple. In the Hindu temple the children used their five senses to learn about how Hindus worship. The children loved the colourful statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the scent of the incense. The second group were lucky enough to experience Puja, an act Hindu worship.

The Mosque, in contrast, was calm and peaceful with no images or statues of Allah or the prophets. After taking their shoes off the children visited the wudu where Muslims ritually wash themselves to prepare for prayer. In the prayer hall the children learnt about the ways that Muslims pray and listened to the call to worship. 

The afternoon included a fascinating trip to the Bombay Stores where children looked at cultural clothing, shoes and jewellery from India.

Quotes from the children:

Joey – My favourite part of the Hindu temple was the statues because they were so colourful.

Olivia – I enjoyed looking at the prayer mats in the mosque and listening to Nadeem’s stories.

Martha – I enjoyed looking at all of the clothes in the Bombay stores.

Fearne – Bombay stores were really good because there were loads of jewels and beautiful dresses.

Isla – I was surprised by the men’s clothes in Bombay Stores. They were very detailed.

Nico – I liked the design of the Mosque, especially the domes made out of stone.

Charlie – The Gods and Goddess statues in the Hindu Temple looked a bit scary!

Louisa – I liked the way the carpet in the Mosque showed people where to pray, I liked joining in with the prayer.

Katie – I enjoyed seeing how other cultures dress and really enjoyed the whole experience. 

Dec – I liked that we got to experience Hindu worship, it was interesting. 

Sam – I liked finding out about the mosque and what happens there and our bus was amazing. 

Antoni – I enjoyed how the Hindus prayed it was a good tune. 

Archie – I was so surprised by how big the mosque was and how many people go there. 


We were pleased to share our Ofsted report this week (link here). If you have any questions or would like to discuss the report any further, please do contact me or Mrs Harrison.

Science Club

Our after school Science Club is starting at Askrigg from Monday 12th June – Monday 17th July. The club is open to Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 pupils and will consist of a block of six 1 hour sessions. As this club is run by an external provider it will cost £30 per child, additional siblings will receive a discounted rate of £15 per child. The balance will be payable via ParentPay. Spaces are limited and are first come, first served – please complete this form to reserve your place.

Feast North Yorkshire

FEAST enables children and young people in Reception – Year 11 (Year 13 if SEND) on benefits-related Free School Meals to access free holiday activities, where they’re also provided with a free meal. The FEAST activity finder will be launched on Monday 12th June, where you can find activities in your local area! Find out more information here.


We were lucky enough to have a performance from Trio Volant – a woodwind trio who visited Askrigg today as part of this years Swaledale Festival‘s extensive free Community & Education programme. We are so grateful for their visit – the children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed every minute!

Concert at St Oswald’s Church – Saturday 10th June

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Great North Author Tour, The Wonky Tree Bookshop

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week, The Great North Author Tour 2023 comes to The Wonky Tree Bookshop, Leyburn on Saturday 24th June between 2.05pm and 2.50pm. 11 fantastic children’s authors arrive in a minibus! Do come and meet the authors, have a book signed and see if we manage to squeeze 11 authors into the shop! More details here.

Fire Station Open Day – Northallerton

Summer Sports Club – Chris Bullock

Chris Bullock is holding a sports club at Bainbridge during the summer holidays – please find more information here.

Swaledale Alliance – Primary Education Courses


Did you know you can synchronise your calendar with our school calendar? Click here to visit the calendar and click the link at the bottom of the page that says ‘subscribe to calendar’ – this will enable you to push events out to your personal calendars.


This week it’s been one of our favourite activities – writing!

We are very excited to see that lots of our tadpoles are growing legs and some have turned into tiny Frogs! We have been mixing different colours to paint our own pictures of the lovely flowers we have in class. We know that we can add white to make a colour lighter. 

In Maths, reception have been learning about sharing equally between groups. We have been giving ‘snacks’ to our teddies and making sure each teddy has the same amount. We know that sometimes we might have something left over. Our Nursery children have done some super name writing practice in our sparkly sand and with chalks on the ground. They are getting brilliant at looking carefully at all the letters in their names. Well done Robins!

Our nursery children have also been introduced to the ‘c’ sound this week. They have enjoyed finding things in our classroom that start with a ‘c’ and they have been practising making the letter ‘c’ in the sand, with whiteboard pens and with chalks on the ground.


A big thank you to Mrs Fawcett for bringing in her puppet show for the Owls to play with! We have had some very exciting shows put on by the children which have included lots of laughs! 


The Swallows have made a fantastic start to their last half term. In RE we have started a new topic on Judaism and the Swallows have investigated Jewish artefacts, asking some fantastic questions which we will hopefully answer over the next half term.

In music this half term the focus is on playing musical instruments. The Swallows were very excited to receive a recorder to keep in school and one to practise at home with – we hope parents are equally excited by this . . .


With the change of day for music lessons this week, Mrs Harrison was present for the trumpet and trombone lesson this week……….not forgetting the euphonium and baritone that are now part of the brass band! They sound fantastic, well done.

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have been researching climate change and how humans can have a positive and negative effect on the environment. They are creating a leaflet informing the public about what they can do to do their part and protect the environment.


Some photos of our athletics work in PE this week. We looked at perfecting our technique in relay, javelin, long jump and triple jump. Here are some photos from our superb geography fieldwork on rivers. Our trip was led by the YDNP and was very informative and enjoyable. It allowed us to take what we have learnt in the classroom into the real world. 

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Nursery)Ollie for fabulous talking during his independent learning.
Robins (Reception)Lexi for always being so helpful and for being a fantastic friend!
Owls (Y1)Ada for fantastic expression and fluency when reading.
Swallows (Y2)Martha for effort and enjoyment in maths, independently drawing a block diagram for her clues.
Kingfishers (Y3)Jake for effort and enjoyment when playing the baritone.
He listens carefully to Mr Price and improves week on week.
Golden Eagles (Y4)Hugo for his positive attitude in class allowing him to take responsibility for his own learning. 
Merlins (Y5)Beatrice Calvert for having a mature and responsible attitude when on our school trip to Bradford and leading her group well. 
Merlins (Y6)William for always making good choices and being a real ambassador for our schools when out on trips.

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeDeclan P for exceptional behaviour and contribution on our geography field trip to Reeth.
AskriggJo H for her knowledgeable (and humorous) contributions on the geography fieldtrip.
West BurtonToby W for very knowledgeable contributions, especially about farming, on our geography fieldtrip.

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsSophie and Jemima for helping her when she fell over.Libby
SwallowsMartha for entertaining her on the bus trip when she had nothing to do.Lizzy
Martha for sharing at breaktime.Rosie
KingfishersNico for helping him up when he fell over.Aidan
Golden EaglesAidan (Swallows) for helping Jake to get up the stairs safely on the bus on the way back from Bradford.Oliver
MerlinsWill for looking out for him.Dec
Will for making him laugh when he was upset.Archie
Eve for being a good friend all week.Jo
Rewarding Reading10 books: Rene, Matilda, Otis, Lily, Tristan
Best Learning Space (classroom)Swallows
Most Effective learning Environment (school)West Burton
House Point Winning Team Dormice!!!
Best Class AttendanceKingfishers (93%)