Weekly Newsflash! Friday 14th July 2023

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SFX Awards Ceremony

Last night, BAWB was wonderfully represented at the SFX awards ceremony by BAWB alumni Joseph B, Thomasina C and Benjamin QB. Whilst a fantastic achievement, it is no surprise that all three students from BAWB who attend SFX achieved an award.

Thomasina was awarded the Year 8 award for Technology, Joseph was awarded the  STEM award for his contributions to science and the clubs he helps run and Benjamin was awarded the Year 8 Modern Foreign Language Award for Spanish. 


Congratulations Dec!

Dec won this trophy at his end of season presentation for Northallerton Junior F.C. Dec joined Northallerton in September 22 and has played a full season for them & was delighted to win this award from his coaches for “Best Attitude of the Season”. They spoke about Dec and how he listened to everything they told him and is so willing to learn, how he always turned up to training every Wednesday and every match on a Sunday, how he is so kind to his team-mates. We are really proud of him for winning this award – much deserved!

Congratulations Beatrice!

Beatrice takes her grade 2 ballet exam!

Information from Beatrice’s mum: Beatrice has worked really hard for this examination, attending two ballet lessons a week plus practising at home. This was in addition to all the rehearsals for the show at The Forum in Northallerton theatre last month. 

Beatrice’s sister Florence had the privilege to be asked by Charlotte Porter (Principal) to be in charge of all the music for the two days of ballet examinations. This allowed Florence to be in the examination room alongside the RAD examiner to observe firsthand how well all the students performed in the various examinations. 

Grade 2 ballet is examined without the Principal in attendance so for the pupils this is a huge change compared to previous examinations. That together with the 12 exercises which require considerable dance experience and the solo performances there was some apprehension yesterday morning. Beatrice and her peers will now move onto the Grade 3 syllabus which is usually started at Year 7 (11-12 years).

Moorland Visit

Last Friday our year four and five pupils went up to Grinton Moor to take part in a moorland education day. The trip consisted of around six activities all based around our local area and managing the moorlands from prevent wildfires to training gun dogs. Our children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots and even taught the adults some things as well. We look forward to next time.

House Heroes

Children from Y1 to Y6 thoroughly enjoyed our ‘House Heroes’ sports morning at Askrigg on Wednesday. This was a super event which really celebrated the skills and attitudes of children in a really holistic way. Thank you Mr Greenway for organising, and to all the volunteers who made it possible.

A message from Mr Greenway:

After having to postpone last year’s House Heroes due to extreme heat, 2023 saw the children experience a fantastic morning of teamwork and sporting activities. The children worked in house teams and after 2 hours of activities, the Otters Team 1 won after gaining over 9300 points. The morning was a fantastic showcase of ‘Good Samaritan’ values with children supporting and encouraging one another. 

A big thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to make it possible, we couldn’t have done it without you!

A few quotes from our children: 

‘I really enjoyed the golf station.’ – Antoni 

‘I loved the obstacle course because you don’t often get to climb in school.’ – Archie 

Sports Days

Wow! 2 Amazing sports days this week. On both occasions we were really lucky with the weather! We endured a bit of rain at Askrigg on Wednesday but we also enjoyed some sun! Well done to all the children who competed with such great attitudes and tremendous resilience. Thank you Mr Bullock for organising!

Yorkshire Arboretum Summer Holiday Events

The Yorkshire Arboretum is offering many activities including pond dipping, minibeast hunting, a bat festival and Nature Rangers growth and creature days this summer:


Lunch Choices Form – Autumn 2023

It’s that time again! if you haven’t already please click here for the online form to select your child’s preferences for next term (September).

After School Clubs

Please find the form for the after school clubs here – please complete and return the form by Monday 17th July.


The link to our uniform website is now live, please find it here.

Sizing samples of the new uniform is currently available at Bainbridge. The uniform policy can be found here – please note that there is no expectation to buy new uniform, this is purely your choice.

Please utilise the preloved uniform sales that our wonderful PTFA organises, they will be at both sports days this year with the uniform that they have available.

We have had feedback from a parent regarding the polo shirt – if you would prefer a 100% cotton polo shirt, please make this clear in the order notes at checkout when adding the polo shirt to the basket.


As we are now approaching the end of the school year, please can all parents check their ParentPay accounts for any outstanding balances. We appreciate your co-operation.

Reading Books and Library Books

Please can all families have a good check for any reading books and library books at home. We need these all back before the summer holidays. If you are not sure which ones you are looking for, please let us know and we can check the system. Thank you all very much.

Richmond School Y6 Open Evening


Summer Sports Club!

Chris Bullock is holding a sports club at Bainbridge during the summer holidays – please find more information here.


Did you know you can synchronise our calendar with our school calendar? Click here to visit the calendar and click the link at the bottom of the page that says ‘subscribe to calendar’ – this will enable you to push events out to your personal calendars.

A message from The Upper Dales Benefice:

From Dave, Sarah, and Steph:

The summer holidays will shortly be upon us, and hopefully the sun will shine throughout the holiday month of August.  In order to give a rest to all those who work to bring us our services on a Sunday morning, whether they are the churchwardens, lay leaders, or all those on various rotas, the PCCs of each church have agreed that during August, there will be only one service a week across the Benefice churches.  Attached is a sheet showing the services (and their venues) during August. 

This is a lovely chance to visit the other churches within the Benefice and take part in an act of worship with the whole Benefice fellowship.  If you cannot attend one Sunday, remember you can always join in with the service of Evening Prayer, which takes place every Sunday afternoon at 4pm (except 27th August) by telephone conference call.  These are led by Dave or members of the lay leadership team.  For details on how to do this, please see the newsletter or speak to Dave.

Many of you will, we know, be going away and we trust that you have a really lovely, relaxing and refreshing time.


We read the story Rainbow Fish which has provided some great learning about sharing and feelings. The children practised lots of skills to create their own ‘Under the Sea’ worlds.  Our reception children were challenged to see how many different ‘fish’ they could make using the same set of 7 shapes (a Tangram). It was quite a challenge to begin with, but then we remembered we could turn shapes over and change the angle of the shapes. 


It has been a busy week in the Owls! We started off with a fantastic sports day on Monday afternoon. All the children were amazing and really did us proud. On Wednesday, we walked over to Askrigg to take part in House Heroes organised by Mr Greenway. The children had great fun doing the activities and loved joining in with the older children. On Thursday, we had our DT day. They showed amazing skills with their cutting and thought their fruit salads were delicious! 



This half term, the Swallows have been learning about Jewish people and their beliefs. In last week’s lesson, the Swallows learnt about Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest and shared a Shabbat meal. This week, the Swallows learnt about the Jewish festival of Hannukah and its traditions, including playing driedel for jelly beans.


Whilst the Swallows are studying food technology this half term, we are continuing to practice our sketching skills. The Swallows enjoyed a peaceful session, sketching the beautiful surroundings of West Burton.


This week we have made our sandwiches following our carefully planned designs!  Lots of healthy options, following our work in science on the importance of eating a balanced diet!  Some great cutting and slicing skills demonstrated too well-done kingfishers.  The sandwiches have now been enjoyed, next step, evaluation……did they taste as good as they looked?!

Golden Eagles

In science, the Golden Eagles have been learning about endangered animals and exploring their habitats. We have discussed the various threats our animals and their habitats face and, what we can do to protect them. The children have each chosen an endangered animal and created a model-microhabitat. We used a variety of resources and even found appropriate materials from our very own forest school area!


Mouldy bread experiment in science. Here you can see how microorganisms have multiplied on pieces of bread over the last 4 weeks. Notice how our control piece of bread still looks good enough to eat… well, nearly!

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Nursery)Joshua J for showing greater independence during independent learning & in managing his own needs. Joshua really enjoyed Moving Up day too.
Robins (Reception)Otto for his brilliant attitude and perseverence on Sports Day. He was so focussed and gave his absolute best!
Owls (Y1)Rosie for being a great encouragement and support to all the other children at sports day.  
Swallows (Y2)Archie for fantastic effort in all subjects to increase his stamina for writing.
Kingfishers (Y3)Sidney for effort in maths, particularly his statistics work.
Golden Eagles (Y4)Oliver for having a positive attitude towards learning and for following instructions exceptionally well this week.
And for his impressive organisation skills during sports day. What a fantastic way to end the year!
Merlins (Y5)Dylan for leading by example during House Heroes this week. Taking care of younger children.
Merlins (Y6)Grayson for taking responsibility for his team during House Heroes and being a good role model.

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeWilliam Tennant for an incredibly positive and determined attitude at sports day: he showed real sportsmanship.
AskriggJonathan Fawcett for incredible grit and resilience at sports day. I have seldom seen such determination – what a fabulous attitude.
West BurtonLibby Lanaghan for her consistently excellent attitude: showing super learning behaviours and exceptional manners.

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsOscar for helping pick up all the base ten which had fallen on the floor!Jemima
SwallowsTheodore, Olivia and Lizzy for looking after her when she hurt herself on the bar.Rosie
Rosie for sitting with her when she got a nettle sting.Olivia
Golden EaglesRory for cheering him on on sports day.Theo
Amelie, Jo and Hollie for cheering her up.Lily
MerlinsDouglas for persevering during the races at sports day and having a positive attitude.Jo, Lily, and Hollie
Ava for asking her how her ballet examine had gone.Beatrice QB
Best Learning Space (classroom)Not awarded because everywhere is a bit untidy.
Most Effective learning Environment (school)Not awarded because everywhere is a bit untidy.
House Point Winning Team Dormice
Best Class AttendanceGolden Eagles – 100%