Weekly Newsflash! Friday 12th May 2023

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Our Y6 pupils have excelled themselves this week, tackling their statutory assessments (SATs) with quiet confidence, maturity, and determination. SATs are an important part of the way we assess children, but of course they don’t tell us everything about our children. We are certainly extremely proud of them this week and we think they deserve a bit of a celebration over the weekend!

In addition, we were selected for an unannounced monitoring visit by the Local Authority on Thursday. The Local Authority has a statutory duty to inspect the administration processes of a sample of schools and this year was our turn. The moderator was extremely impressed, particularly by:

  • Split site security and administration
  • Maturity of children’s behaviour and attitudes
  • The fact that everyone (including the admin team) had been trained to administer

Thank you to all the staff who contributed to this successful outcome.

Key Stage 1 SATs (Year 2 pupils) – next week!

Mr Scrafton and the team are preparing for our Y2 assessments next week. Here is the timetable for the week:

Monday 15thEnglish grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Tuesday 16thReading, paper 1
Wednesday 17thReading, paper 2
Thursday 18thNone – trip to Hawes
Friday 19th Maths, papers 1 and 2


All Stars Cricket provides boys and girls from 5-8 years old with 8 weeks of non-stop fun. The activity and game based programme is suitable for all skill levels, providing your child with the foundations to begin a lifelong love of physical activity and cricket, while making friends in a safe and enjoyable environment. The course is being held at Middleham CC from Sun 14 May to Sun 02 Jul 2023. Find out more information here!

For those that are aged 8-11 there is Dynamos Cricket held at Bedale CC from Fri 12 May – Fri 30 Jun 2023. Find out more information here!


Further to our update a few weeks ago regarding our new supplier, we have been in touch to clarify that the BAWB order page will be available mid-June. We will be getting some sample sizes delivered to school in due course so parents can have a peek! The size guide is below for reference.

Cycling for All at Northallerton

In conjunction with the Lottery Community Fund and Stage 1  Cycles Hawes, YES @ Areté Learning Trust are hosting a six session cycling programme for all abilities.

These sessions will be fun, game led and skilled based, and will be tailored to meet individual needs. The final session will at Sutton Banks, a final cycle out for the participants to enjoy. Find out more information here! The closing date is 19th May, with the programme due to start on the 5th June.

Design an armour for the King – COMPETITION

The Royal Armouries are running a fab competition to design an armour for our new King! Children have until 2nd July to get creative and design a new armour for the King, with three age categories and VIP tickets to our Jousting Tournament in August as a prize for each category. The overall winner will be put forward to be made into a suit of armour for His Majesty. Find out more information here!

PTFA Minutes

Please take a look at the latest minutes from the PTFA meeting here.


We have been introducing subtraction to our reception Robins this week. They have really enjoyed pretending to be pirates, working in pairs to take it in turns to ”steal” (take away) some jewels, then the other partner working out how many jewels have been taken. The children have been introduced to the word ‘subtraction’ along with the subtraction symbol and how it looks in a number sentence, eg. 10-6=4.


In Art, we have been looking at birds. The children brought in feathers and during our session, we looked at all the different parts and features of the feather before we sketched them. In Science, we are looking at plants. This week we looked at the structure of a plant and labelled our drawings with key words. 


The Swallows have had another fantastic week. In art, the Swallows have continued their work with found objects by making worry dolls out of sticks. The warm weather allowed the learning to move outside, where the Swallows set up a dance for their dolls! In RE, the Swallows learnt about Muhammad and the Black Stone and put the message of the story in to practice when the the very important stone had to be moved from the classroom to the bellroom. The Swallows classroom was turned into a garden for Science when the Swallows learnt about pollination and created dramas to represent pollination of flowers by bees.


In History this week the kingfishers used drama to recreate the Romano-Britain’s trying to fight off Anglo Saxon invaders. They then went on to look at maps looking at the three main Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. In English the children have been writing information texts about Climate Change and why it’s important that we make changes to slow down the effects.

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have had a fabulous afternoon eating popcorn and playing cricket. The children watched a presentation, introducing them to the plan for their future geography trip around Wensleydale. The Golden Eagles are incredibly excited and the popcorn was delicious!


A few pictures from the Merlins this week. We had a celebratory game of rounders following SATs week. Some science photos where we looked at different ways of grouping plants and animals. We created classification keys to sort several animals. 

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Nursery)Zoey B for showing great imagination and enjoyment in role play. She loved dressing up!
Robins (Reception)Jonathan for growing confidence  when participating in role play. He loved our music session acting out Jack & the Beanstalk.
Owls (Y1)Oscar for keen participation and showing enjoyment in PE.  
Swallows (Y2)Joey for consistently fantastic effort in English.
Kingfishers (Y3)Anna for effort in maths, confidently using resources to support her work on fractions.
Golden Eagles (Y4)Caleb for his maturity and taking responsibility for his new role as respect ambassador.
Merlins (Y5)Sam for having a fantastic attitude to learning and always looking for the next challenge.
Merlins (Y6)All of Year 6 for having such a positive outlook regarding SATs and making us all very proud.

Headteacher’s Awards
BAWBDeclan, William, Grayson, Henry, Isaac, and Kirsty, for their excellent attitude throughout the SATs tests – calm, confident, and extremely mature.

Other Awards

Rewarding ReadingFearne (10 books)
Sports ClubRiley has a medal from sports club
Askrigg Village Sports Fancy DressSylvi and Reni have trophies from this
Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsBen for always being a good friend and looking after everyone in the class.Emma
SwallowsMartha for helping her to join in playtime games.Lizzy
Rosie for cheering him up on the bus.Theodore
Joey for helping him join in at breaktime.Sammy
Lizzy for sharing the gymnast bar at breaktime.Martha
KingfishersMaciek for helping him to tidy up resources in maths.Alex
Sydney for helping him join in playtime games.Aidan
Ellie for supporting her friend (Rene) during a game.Sylvi
Golden EaglesOtis for offering to give up his place in the cricket competition for him if Tristan wasn’t picked to go.Tristan
MerlinsFred for helping him with logging in this week.Toby

Best Learning Space (classroom)Kingfishers
Most Effective learning Environment (school)West Burton
House Point Winning Team Dormice
Best Class AttendanceRobins, Owls, and Swallows (100%)