Weekly Newsflash! 9th February 2024

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Coming up after half term…

Monday 19th– After School Sports @ Askrigg
Tuesday 20th– Y3 & Y4 Swimming
Please can children come into school with their swimming gear underneath their uniform, along with a towel, water bottle and goggles if they wish. Children are also welcome to bring a piece of fruit with them 🙂
Wednesday 21st– After School Singing Club @ Askrigg
Friday 23rd– Science Club @ Askrigg


Safeguarding Item


EYFS Contact Details

EYFS now have their email account!

Going forward, Mrs Middleton and Mrs Johnston would very much appreciate it if any communications directly relating to your children in Robins, could be sent to this email address: [email protected] . We feel it will really help to ensure that emails are responded to appropriately and timely. Please send any other queries to the BAWB office as usual, although the EYFS staff will also forward anything they deem appropriate. Thank you for your co-operation!


The PTFA committee is looking for new members from September – including a chair. Without people in the main roles on the committee, the PTFA can not continue. We would love to have people join us now and through the summer term to see what the roles entail and to ensure a smooth and relaxed handover in September. Please get in touch with any committee member if you would like to chat about what it’s like being on the committee! 

Preloved Uniform

Our wonderful PTFA is responsible for our preloved uniform sales. If your children have outgrown items please consider donating them so they can be reused and recycled for other families. Any donations towards the uniforms are gratefully received but there is absolutely no obligation.

Please make use of the growing collection we have, and contact the office if you have any questions or want a rummage! We are conscious that buying uniform can be expensive, and with this initiative we can help both our parents, and the planet.

Yoga and Felting Workshop


Super Scientists Workshops

The lovely Becca, who runs our Science Club is holding a workshop over half term at Bainbridge!


Get Musical!



The Robins have been learning all about The Chinese New Year this week. We found out that it is the Year of the Dragon. We have watched ‘Dragon Dance’ videos and have enjoyed listening to dragon stories and playing with the small world Dragons. The children know that there should be 9 dragons in total and they are getting very good at checking there are 9 by lining them all up on a ‘Ten Frame’!

At the beginning of the week the children explored the dry noodles when playing in the home corner. They realised it was very tricky to pick up the dry uncooked noodles with chopsticks. The children were encouraged to use their senses to describe how the noodles had changed after they were cooked. They were allowed to try the noodles if they wanted and practised using chopsticks too-much easier with cooked noodles!

They have also enjoyed making Chinese lanterns and listening to Chinese music, which inspired some wonderful dance moves from some children.  

We are taking part in The Big Garden Birdwatch. Our Eco Warriors made Bird Feeders and hung them in our playground to hopefully tempt the birds to eat from them!

For Owls and Robins: Rev Dave came to visit to do an assembly on Wednesday with Owls and Robins. We talked about what we could do in school to “keep our light shining” in the same way that Jesus did. The children recognised that being kind and helpful and looking after their surroundings would help to do that. Rev Dave led the children in singing “This little light of mine…”

The Robins also had fun in the snow and made some mini snow people!


Another busy week for the Owls!

The Eco Warriors from both classes hung the bird feeders they had made ready for the Big Bird Watch.

In history we welcomed Mrs Stone to ask her questions about her childhood.  She brought toys that were 90, 70 and 40 years old and we created a timeline of toys!  The Owls really enjoyed playing with the toys that were 40 years old.

In RE the children enjoyed eating fruit as part of their lesson on thankfulness with Mrs Park.


In Maths, the Swallows have been looking at multiplication and division. It is the first time we have learned this. We have been using lots of brain power and doing a super job! Our times tables are improving every day as well! We continue to love doing our calculations a few times a week at the start of our maths lesson- it gets our brains in the game! 


The last week of this half term has been a busy one for the Kingfishers with lots of exciting things taking place. 

Last week in science, we looked at the process of fossilisation and created our own version of the process only much quicker. This week the kingfishers were tasked with working as an archaeologist would to try and excavate our fossils. We had mixed success in doing this and have a new found respect for archaeologists. 

In French this week we worked on identifying French landmarks as well as working on our numbers one to ten. We even gave each other maths questions based on our number work. 

Swallows and Kingfishers

In PSHE, we have been thinking about our dreams and goals. Last week, we discussed how it is not always easy to reach our goals and how we face challenges to succeed. We were given the challenge of creating a garden for different families for under £800 – which was pretty tricky when some people wanted swimming pools worth £450! We all faced challenges for this activity but persevered and managed to overcome them. We had great fun and didn’t want to stop! 

This week in Art, we have finished our artwork in the style of Alice Kettle by stitching marks onto our paintings (on calico material). Mrs Park was extremely impressed with the stitching skills in the class and how all the children persevered – and look how amazing they have turned out! Mrs Park and Mrs Fawcett think they may have re-threaded 100 needles (at least!!) in the afternoon though! 

Golden Eagles

In English, the Golden Eagles got bored with the way Mr Scrafton was reading Varjak Paw and felt that they could do better! The Swallows did a fantastic job of reading an extract of Varjak Paw!

In Science, the the Golden Eagles asked the question; how does distance affect volume of sound? They carried out and evaluated an experiment to test this. The experiment was carried out a number of times in different circumstances to make sure the test was fair. Unsurprisingly, the test worked better when there wasn’t piano lesson and when it was carried out in the corridor away from the classrooms.

During PE, the sounds of the Haka reverberated through the school as the Golden Eagles recreated the famous Māori dance.

Following on from the group work in English, the Golden Eagles worked in teams to create a funny potato person to learn about working together to achieve a goal during their PSHE lesson.


This week in Herons we have been practising our chopsticks skills ready to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Look at this fabulous replica Spartan helmet and shield that one of the Herons and his dad created.


The Merlins have been learning about light pollution and the different types that we are exposed to due to artificial light: skyglow, glare and light trespass. We have been researching the effects that light pollution has on humans and animals. In the upcoming lessons, we will be discussing what we can do to reduce light pollution. We will create posters to raise awareness in order to reduce the negative impact that light pollution has on our environment.

This Week’s Awards:

Pupil of the week
Robins (Reception)Grace for effort in all her learning! -and for being a supportive and encouraging friend during Phonics. 
Owls (Y1)William for effort and enjoyment in history.
Swallows (Y2)Aimee for persevering with stitching in Art this week.
Kingfishers (Y3)Archie for effort and enjoyment across the curriculum but especially during our art and creating a fantastic piece of artwork.
Golden Eagles (Y4)Jake for effort in every lesson and encouraging others to do the right thing. 
Herons (Y5)Lydia for working hard on your presentation in written work. 
Merlins (Y6)Ava for her effort and rich discussions with peers in maths.  

Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeBen for outstanding effort in reading and writing 
AskriggAimee for outstanding effort in reading and writing 
West BurtonCharlie for politeness: excellent manners around school 

Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
OwlsRosie for helping him to login on the chromebook. Jonathan
Lexi for giving him the bike at playtime.William
Lexi for helping him to log onto the chromebook.Albert
KingfishersLizzy for helping her sort her hair out after swimming.Martha
Ben for always having a positive attitude and always wanting to play with him.Sammy
Golden EaglesCharlie for helping him with maths.Nico
Riley for getting him join in a game at breaktime when he didn’t know what to do.Maciek
HeronsLydia for being a good friend when she was upset.Lily-Anne
Oliver for making him a gift.Theo
Caleb, Tristan and Raf for cheering him up when they were playing a game at break.Harry
MerlinsHarry (Herons) and Archie for giving other children their wellies to use so they could play in the snow.  Johnny
Holly M for tidying up and washing most of the art supplies for the class.Jo

Tidiest ClassroomSwallows
Best School LibraryBainbridge
House Point Winning Team Dormice
Best Class AttendanceGolden Eagles – 99%