COVID19 Implications for BAWB

Remote Learning

During the school closures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, schools have quickly adapted to having many or some of their pupils learning from home. School leaders and teachers have developed systems for delivering remote learning to their pupils. Our plan to support home learning for classes, year groups or the whole school, in the event of isolation or closure is summarised in the document to the right (‘providing remote education for parents’), and detailed in the ‘blended learning policy’.

The overarching goal is to enable pupils to access high-quality teaching and learning even when they are unable to attend school in person. These documents outline how teachers and other school staff will work to provide effective remote learning.


Our aims, in line with government guidance, are:
• to plan and outline how and when the remote learning will be implemented in the BAWB Federation
• to support all pupils in their access to high-quality remote teaching and learning
• to provide a clear remote learning strategy, including how and when learning should be assigned remotely, how it will be communicated, how pupils will submit work and how they will receive feedback on submitted work
• to anticipate, identify and address any concerns associated with remote learning, relating to safeguarding, data protection, and health and safety
• to make staff roles and responsibilities clear in relation to remote learning
• to declare the software and online tools approved for use by the BAWB Federation to support remote learning
• to declare how and when the BAWB Federation will support the delivery of home learning by staff, including
the possible provision of hardware.

Blended Learning Policy

The blended learning policy is comprehensive and contains infromation relating to the following topics:

Section One: Remote Learning Strategy
Section Two: Safeguarding, Health and Safety
Section Three: Software and Hardware
Section Four: Subject Specific Information and Resources
Section Five: Dynamic Response


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Outbreak Management Plan – Sept 2021
Providing Remote Education – Information for Parents
Blended (Remote) Learning Policy

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A Guide to Microsoft Teams
Using Microsoft Teams on a PC or Laptop
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