Spring Term Update

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How lovely to have all our nursery back in school. Our new starters have been very impressive. They are so excited to be here and are settling really well. They are participating in all sorts of different activities with enjoyment and effort. 

This week the children have taken home new reading books and we know that they are very excited about them. One of the very best things about teaching is watching children learn to read and develop a love of books. It is a joy. 

In maths we have been impressed with the children’s written number sentences. They are really setting their work out well in their books. 

Our walk was brilliant. We had lots of water splashing and lichen searching. We found lichen on rocks and branches and fences. Why were we searching for lichen? Well, in our exploration of polar regions we discovered that lichen is able to grow in these really cold places. Sophie told us that reindeer eat lichen so we were intrigued to discover lots of lichen all around us. 

RE was a lovely time sharing our favourite stories and precious objects. It was a peaceful time together, unlike our parachute fun! Wow, that was active. Mrs. Johnston has pulled a muscle in her back! We were laughing and screaming and running and bouncing, yet all the while listening to and following instructions. Great fun. 

Here’s to lots more fun learning next week, when we will be learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton. 

Have a fabulous weekend, love Robins xxx  

PS WE WILL BE CHANGING LIBRARY BOOKS ON WEDNESDAY. Please can you send in your library books if you haven’t already done so. If your child does not come on Wednesday, do not worry, we will change them another day. 

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