Parent Teacher Consultations Autumn 21

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During the week beginning Monday 18th October, class teachers will be holding parent consultations (ten minutes) on Teams. Please click here to fill in the form and admin will allocate a time slot and email you directly. Please fill in a form for each child. Any issues regarding the use of Teams or internet connection please contact or phone a school office to discuss.

DateRobinsOwlsSwallowsGolden EaglesMerlin’sSkylarksHT
Mon  18th   Mr ScraftonMr Greenway Miss Harper
Tues 19thMrs MiddletonMrs HarrisonMiss AtkinsonMr ScraftonMr Greenway Miss Harper
Wed 20th Mrs HarrisonMiss AtkinsonMr Scrafton Miss CollinsMiss Harper
Thu 21stMrs MiddletonMrs Harrison     
Fri 22ndMrs Middleton