EYFS/Y1 Cycling at Bolton Estate

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We have risk-assessed our plans for the cycling trip on Tuesday 13th July (next Tuesday) and are delighted to be able to continue with the event, including welcoming parent-volunteers.

Please be aware of the following measures to prevent the spread of Covid and to maintain the integrity of our bubbles:

  • Volunteers will adhere to social distancing measures and remain at least 2 metres away from anyone else, apart from their own children.
  • First aid will only be carried out by qualified members of staff and/or qualified instructors wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Bike and equipment maintenance will only be carried out by school staff or StageOne cycles.
  • Only school staff will accompany pupils on the school buses; volunteers and instructors will join us at Wensley.

Please remember the following things:

  • Check bikes ensuring chain is oiled, brakes work correctly and tyres are keeping their pressure. We will double check all bikes on Tuesday before we begin so please don’t worry if you are unsure.
  • Each pupil requires a safe backpack with water bottle, sun hat, water proof jacket, sun cream (if reapplication is required).
  • To reduce gravel graze, in the event of a fall, it is recommended by Stage1Cycles to wear long trousers/leggings (these must be tight at the bottom), long sleeves and gloves.
  • Sun cream to be applied before they come, even if it is cloudy.

Equipment – please ensure all bikes are labelled (safely) with your child’s name.

  • If you are borrowing a bike and helmet we have that noted and have arranged this.
  • If you are delivering the bikes and helmets to Bainbridge school please have them here when the children arrive so we can arrange transportation to Wensley. You are welcome to drop them on Monday if this is easier.
  • If you are meeting us at Wensley, the buses should be there at 10am.

We are looking forward to a really worthwhile and fun event and anticipate your support so that we can maintain our robust Covid practices.

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