Celebration Assembly is back!

Published by Charlotte Harper on

We are delighted to be able to open our schools back up to parents and family members for Friday celebration assemblies from next Friday (24th September). While the risk of the spread of Covid remains high, we ask that governors and community members do not attend until further notice.

Which school should I go to?

Children will attend celebration assembly in the school at which they are on roll. This means that they will be with siblings and in the right place for their homeward journey at the end of the day.

How many family members can come?

We must remain vigilant around the spread of Covid. At this time, we ask that ONLY ONE family member attends each week so that we can ensure a level of social distancing in our small halls.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes please. Our current official guidance states that visitors (anyone who does not normally work in school) continue to wear masks (unless exempt).

What time does it start?


What sorts of things are celebrated?

We have a number of regular awards which are all given in accordance with our RESPECT code:

  • Pupil of the week (chosen by class teachers)
  • Headteacher’s award (one per school)
  • House point certificates

In addition, we warmly invite children to share any achievements from out of school. For example, children might like to share certificates from a sports club or hobby. We will encourage children to give a demonstration of their skills where this is the case!

Will I know in advance if my child is going to receive an award?

If your child is receiving the teacher’s nominated ‘Pupil of the Week’ award you will be notified the day before. All other awards are a surprise.