8th July 2022

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Pupil of the week
RobinsCecelia, for making responsible learning choices and showing good listening.
OwlsMartha, for her impeccable behaviour during our trip to Saltburn, a great role-model.
Golden EaglesArthur, for taking responsibility for his learning by applying prior knowledge to his science predictions.
MerlinsDeclan, for taking responsibility for the school environment with a mature approach.
SwallowsElsie, for taking responsibility for herself and others on our trip to the beach.
SkylarksKirsty, for always putting maximum effort into everything she does.
Headteacher’s Awards
BainbridgeJonathan F, for his mature and positive approach to moving up day.
AskriggJacob P, for being consistently well-mannered, respectful, and kind to peers and adults.
West BurtonOliver C, for his enthusiastic and positive approach to moving up day.
Good Samaritan Awards For courage, care, compassion
(for the children, from the children).
Nominated by
RobinsGrace for being kind and helping others in the playground.Rose
Golden EaglesHollie F, for helping people when they are hurt or upset.Jo and Eliza
MerlinsAll the boys who have been in the Merlins this week for working hard and consistently helping each other. Mr Greenway
SwallowsRiley and Douglas for offering to help carry the packed lunch tray when we were on our trip.Mrs Harrison
SkylarksOliver for always helping others if they are upset – he is always able to cheer them up!Kirsty
Pen LicenceIsla
Tidiest Classroom AwardOwls
Best Class AttendanceRobins (100%)
House Point Winning Team Red Squirrels

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